On April 1, most of the “news” we find is going to be shrouded in mystery and leave us sceptical. But since we have no obvious reason to assume that today’s Smash “pic of the day” is some sort of joke, the question is not “is this real?”, but rather “what even is this?”

The image presents Link dashing towards the Villager in a ruins-type area. Series director Masahiro Sakurai says on Miiverse: “This may look like a side-scrolling action game, but it’s actually one of the stages.”

Sakurai mentions the word “stage”, so the first assumption would be that this a new stage reveal — but there a number of issues. There seems to be a wall behind Villager, which would make it difficult to KO a character. If based on a Nintendo franchise, the closest thing this would come to is Kid Icarus; but we already have Palutena’s Temple on the Wii U version. It also just looks too plain to be a regular stage — though it could be a new mode. The spiked ball in the air, while seemingly blending in as part of the stage, is likely Kirby in Stone (Down + B) form. More interestingly, the spring looks identical to the one from Brawl‘s Stage Builder mode.

So, is this the new Stage Builder? It’s possible, if this area is part of a pre-selected list of backgrounds/themes that the player can choose from. It could also be from the Adventure mode, though traditionally that mode is single-player-only, and there is clearly more than one character — which presents a new possibility of co-op.

The more I think about this, the more confused I become (which I guess you could call a Fools Day prank after all). Perhaps you readers will spot something that I haven’t — any ideas?

  • Domingo Cardona

    with all this said…I think it would be a fantastic idea to give the players the power to create their OWN ADVENTURE MODE. they could allow players to create stages, then, connect said stages with doorways or end points that lead to the other stages they created. this could be cool to make an adventure mode with a D&D style of “pick a path/door” and then face what’s on the other side.

    I would love this as a feature in this, or the next smash bros.

    I feel strange saying this since it makes me realize a great game like LittleBigPlanet exists, but no one has copied it’s perfect play/create/share features in any of their games to the hardcore extent LBP did.

  • Lickitung

    Obvs is the museum from animal crossing. cept just a little more edgy

  • CEObrainz

    Perhaps we may see the inclusion of more backgrounds for the stage builder, picking from a list of “Adventure Mode” backgrounds that we want and giving us tiles that have a similar theme. The spring is almost a confirmation that this is indeed the stage builder in action, however it’s hard to tell what the “player” may have put down as a tile.

    I would love the ability to play online matches using custom stages as the tournament varieties would be amazing.

    -King of the Hill Style Tournament
    -Item Arena Tournament
    -No-Man’s land (Bomb) Tournament

  • The Doctor

    The official caption on the picture says, “it’s actually one of the stages,” so I don’t think it’s a stage builder stage, even though it looks like one with the spring there.

    The walls are similar to TP’s Temple of Time’s and Arbiter’s Ground’s walls, the creatures in the back are similar to Gibdos, and Link is in the picture, so I think that means it could be a new Zelda stage.