It’s been a long time since Super Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai revealed that the 3DS version of the upcoming fighter would allow the player to customise the thickness of the character outlines (or turn them off completely). However, we we haven’t heard much of this feature since then.

Today, Sakurai revealed a comparison shot on Miiverse for the Smash “pic of the day”, noting how it will affect the 3D. It features Link and Mario, with and without the outlines.

“They give off a different impression in 3D”

He says: “Here’s a comparison of characters with and without their outlines on the 3DS version. They also give off a different impression in 3D, so customize the look however you like.”

It won’t be for everyone, but it seems as though it could be a handy visual aid to keep up with the hectic battling on the small 3DS screen, especially for those that prefer to play in 2D.