How many people have beloved memories of slashing their swords away at Cuccos throughout the Legend of Zelda series?  I know I certainly do! It was one of the first things I would do when playing A Link to the Past. Masahiro Sakurai, the director of the Super Smash Bros. series, warns against this in Super Smash Bros. 4 though. “Never bully Cuccos. Seriously, attacking them is out of the question! This has always been a cardinal rule of The Legend of Zelda series.”

“Never bully Cuccos. Seriously, attacking them is out of the question!”

Sakurai is as vague as ever about exactly what consequences may lay ahead for players if they do abuse Cuccos, but my interest has piqued. While I do wonder what kind of punishment there may be for bullying Cuccos, I am sure it will be fantastic and live up to the legacy of Cucco abuse in the Zelda series.

  • hihowareyou232 .

    He isn’t being vague…It’s obvious that if you attack the cuccos like on the Zelda games, there will be dire consequences. Well, attacking them on Zelda makes millions of the come and attack you, it is safe to say, based on what Sakurai said, the same thing will happen. Nothing was vague about what he said…

    • Morgan

      he didn’t specifically say anything though, so we can’t really assume that’s what will happen. It could be an item to be used, it could be something else entirely — we just do not know.

      • hihowareyou232 .

        …All the items in Smash match what they do in the corresponding games…The Cuccos will be no different. They will come in swarms in the same way Beedrill did on the first SSB

  • MrSonyDelight

    I wonder if they will be able to be unleashed by another player, but only become agressive is they are attacked, even if by accident.

  • Ryan50

    I wonder if throwing them repeatedly like people did with Mr. Saturn would cause Cuccoos to attack the thrower. Just an interesting thought.

  • CEObrainz

    In the flash game (Super Smash Flash 2) Cuccos were a thing, long before this game was even announced, perhaps Nintendo are looking at the public for ideas now?

  • James

    how is this not being reported

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