Who hasn’t been annoyed at one time or another by those Princess Zelda players in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, spamming the very powerful ‘Din’s Fire’ attack over and over again? Zelda’s signature move is returning in Super Smash Bros. 4, having been revealed by director Masahiro Sakurai on Miiverse and is now even more powerful than before. Sakurai said that the core of the attack is much more powerful and the further the attack is launched, the larger the attack will become, hence making it much more lethal. He does warn though that in order to make foes “fall”, you will need to hit them with the core of the attack, which would take much more precision than what was needed in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

“Zelda’s Din’s Fire is now stronger in its core.”

Sakurai, the series director of Super Smash Bros., had this to say about Din’s Fire in Smash 4: “Zelda’s Din’s Fire is now stronger in its core. The farther it’s projected, the bigger and more powerful it will be, but you need to hit foes with the core if you want to make them fall.” Will the attack frustrate players even more in Smash 4, or will it be harder to land hits given the fact that precision for Zelda users is more essential now than ever? As a Princess Zelda user myself, I am very eager to find out!


  • CEObrainz

    You can tell that more effort is being put in into every character and their own unique mechanics. I may pick up Zelda as an additional character (after Marth of course). Here’s hoping that her recovery options aren’t as horrible as Brawl.

    • Morgan

      I’ve used her for years and it is fun playing against those who aren’t very good because I just destroy them with that attack. and then her smash attacks are really powerful. but yeah. I am really liking how Smash 4 is shaping out.

      • Kezsonaj

        I still want some nintendo classics in the game that they never added. Hopefully they add plenty more characters. Din’s fire had to be nerfed. that move is ridiculously cheap. If you guys are interested in mods for Brawl, there’s one that balances out the game very nicely, its called Project M.

        • CEObrainz

          Din’s fire isn’t that cheap, once you learn to time your dodges or shields the move is pretty much worthless. It’s better in group matches where your opponent is less likely to be focusing on you and rather the person right next to them.

        • Satan

          PM 3.0 FTW! I’m maining Zelda now. She’s so broken it’s awesome! Lol.

    • JBro

      This isn’t effort. This is a copout because they have no idea of anything else to give her.

      • CEObrainz

        I think less people would prefer if every character got an entirely new move-set rather then keeping moves and simply changing them to be “more functional” in a fight.

        But if you were designing Zelda for this game, what would you change?

  • Josh Tiller

    I never had too much problem with the attack. Once you learn the timing, you can just airdodge them all fairly easy. Most of the Zelda’s that spam that attack arent verry good anyway, so once you learn to avoid it, you are golden.

    • Morgan

      very true. I play as Zelda most of the time and I don’t spam it, and knowing how to use it and when to use it does take a varying degree of skill.

  • Parker

    Now all I’ll need is a blast box <3

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