Once Upon a Tee is having quite the deal right now, offering six different Legend of Zelda t-shirts for a mere $12 apiece. They are also offering a bundle that includes all six shirts that can be purchased for a total of $66, saving you $6. The shirts come in men’s and women’s sizes, as well as a variety of different color schemes to choose from. The offer ends at 3 p.m. Thursday afternoon Eastern Standard Time, so be sure to order your shirts before time runs out!

Hit the jump to view each shirt individually and learn more about the creative minds who designed them!

Thinking with Chickens by Hookshot

This shirt was inspired by the idea of a mashup between the Legend of Zelda series and Portal.


The Triforce of Courage by Donnie Illustrations

This shirt is meant to portray that even in the darkest of times, there is still always a little bit of light that shines its way through.


The Legend of Z by Barefists

The Legend of Z portrays a world where Cuccos have finally taken over, and humanity’s only choice is to run.


The Legend Continues by Hookshot

Described by Hookshot, this is a “tribute to the entire series with silhouettes of the Hylian”.


Tech Force by Bobadas Graficas

This design is meant to pay homage to both Hyrule and the Hero of Time.


Dawn of the Final Day by David Stenken

This shirt is an everlasting reminder that when time runs out in Termina, the Moon will come crashing down!


Source: Once Upon a Tee