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I absolutely love this new song by NateWantsToBattle. Written from Link’s point of view, “Dawn of the Third Day” describes his determination to win Princess Zelda’s heart before the moon comes crashing down, destroying the world.

“Now I won’t ever be the same
Ever since I learned this princess’s name
Now it seems there’s just no other way
I’ll win her heart by the dawn of the third day”

Nate’s soulful voice and modern country stylings fill the song with emotion. Zelda references within the lyrics are strategically placed in such a way that fans of the series will adore, while those unfamiliar with the games would also be able to enjoy. Someone hearing this without knowing the games may interpret the need to win the girl’s heart by the “dawn of the third day” as a guy pursuing his dream girl for the prom, rather than the apocalyptic moon scenario.

“Dawn of the Third Day” is now a part of my iTunes library! It’s also available on Google Play and Amazon MP3.

Source: YouTube
Via: Zelda Dungeon