Director Masahiro Sakurai has updated with yet another Lucario screenshot from the upcoming Super Smash Bros. 4. In today’s shot of the day, Lucario’s “ExtremeSpeed” ability is showcased, where Lucario shoots Aura out of his hands in order to fly. Mr. Sakurai warns us to be careful though, as if Lucario’s Aura is charged at full capacity, he is able to fly incredibly far and you may just find yourself flying off the map.

“Pic of the day. When Lucario shoots out Aura from its hands to fly with ExtremeSpeed, you can control its flight direction. If Lucario’s Aura is fully charged, it can fly extremely far, so be careful not to accidentally launch out of the area.”

Source: Miiverse
  • ta mere

    i dont get it lucario isFightingSteel why would he use psychic ?

    • Morgan

      Well he’s an aura pokemon. so all his moves are based on that. I think it’s fighting-based but I’m not an expert lol.

    • Soeroah

      Manipulation of life energy to effect the world as trained through martial exercise seems to be a thing in Eastern culture, from what I’ve read. In ancient times, anyway.

  • DocGuy

    What does this have to do with Zelda?

    • Reece Heather

      We cover both Super Smash Bros. (as is the case here) and general Nintendo news, as both relate to the interests of Zelda fans. If people are interested in the game, then the majority will be interested in details aside from just Zelda characters and stages. Assuming no one buys the games ignoring all other content, but god that would be a wasted purchase.

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