Alex Kidd vs. The Legend of Zelda video

Those of us who remember the days when “console wars” meant Nintendo vs. Sega probably think back to posters of the Mario Bros. and Sonic the Hedgehog adorning opposite walls of their local video game shop. And those of us who can think back a little further might remember that Sonic wasn’t Sega’s original mascot. Alex Kidd, a young boy with monkey-like features, was the unofficial mascot with his game Alex Kidd in Miracle World being built into every Sega Master System console. Then, Sonic the Hedgehog came along and his huge popularity pushed poor Alex Kidd out, leaving him to fade into obscurity. One Sega fan, Tyler Esposito, isn’t content to let Alex be forgotten, so he’s started a video series that sees him gatecrashing other popular games. The first is the NES classic, The Legend of Zelda. Will Alex’s visit to Hyrule help or hinder Link’s quest to save Princess Zelda? Watch the video after the jump to find out.

Via: Nintendo Life