Hall of Fame 2014

Classic FM runs a “Hall of Fame” once a year, wherein users can vote for their most favourite orchestral music. Did you know that video game music is included? Mark Robins is passionate about achieving as much recognition as possible for great video game soundtracks, which rightly deserve a place in the higher ranks of classical music.

He runs a Facebook group called “Get Video Games Music into the Classic FM Hall of Fame“, which is a community dedicated to raising awareness of the best video game composers. Read on to find out how you can vote for your favourite Zelda tracks (or another franchise of your choice).

Here is the voting page on Classic FM, which contains the simple instructions on how you can cast your vote. If you search “Koji Kondo” in the handy search bar, a number of results for Zelda  will appear. However, you can also click the “Not what you wanted? Click here to enter your vote manually.” link to add your own choice of game, if what you’re looking for isn’t already listed. Remember, you can vote on up to three choices–and three votes on the same composer will boost your choice up even further. You could even be specific with your song choice, though it’s likely that all votes will be combined into a “Zelda series” category if last year’s results are anything to go by.

Speaking of which, last year Nobuo Uematsu placed at #3 for his work on the Final Fantasy series, and Jeremy Soule at #5 with the Elder Scrolls series. A very admirable feat considering there were 300 listings overall, and it encourages the possibility of Zelda making an appearance if we all collaborate and get as many people voting as possible.

So remember to vote, spread the word, and follow the video game music campaign on Facebook and Twitter! Both will be updated with news regularly, so you can keep tabs on any gaming franchises that make it into the final list.

Sources: Facebook, Classic FM
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