It’s time to rock out with some Zelda! We’ve picked out some heavy metal versions of some of our favorite Zelda songs. These remixes bring an entirely new interpretation to the soundtrack. Today’s picks are bound to get you powered up to get you through another Monday.  Zelda rocks!

Amanda’s pick:

It’s amazing how the exact same song can sound completely different when a new style is applied. Take Earth God’s Lyric for example. In its original form, it sounds like a simple Scotch-Irish folk song. Add metal and it becomes a rock anthem. Andrew Feehan took the entire Wind Waker soundtrack and arranged a metal album. His video samples a little bit of each track, as he is working to upload a video for each song. It’s pretty awesome! Also, you can download the full album here.

Mark’s pick:

I am completely blown away by this next fantastic metal remix! Andy Gillion is the genius behind this awesome musical number. He takes many of the iconic themes from Ocarina of Time and executes them one after the other. The Song of Time gave me chills, and the rest of it is up to spec as well. Definitely well worth your time listening. Enjoy!