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With the announcement of Hyrule Warriors yesterday and the debut of its trailer, many people have started to comb over it for details–of which there are a ton. Reddit user ryan_expert appeared to be amongst the most thorough, and he has kindly shared annotated screenshots of the trailer to point out the things that may have gone unnoticed. You may have caught some of them, and missed some other ones. What secrets lie hidden within the trailer? Hit the jump to find out!

Below is an image that illustrates things that appear within the game. The trailer showcases that Link is wielding a standard sword and shield at the start of the trailer. He only has five hearts, and a bomb item equipped. There is also a pot in the background, which I speculate may be breakable in the game for Link to acquire different items, such as hearts. Notice how there is only one bar under the hearts, and that it is different from what appears to be the magic meter on the left side.


The image below shows us something quite interesting; is that Zelda in the background? Although the image is blurry and it is impossible to identify whether that really is Zelda, it sure does seem like her. It looks like her, and she seems to be dressed in her Twilight Princess attire. The blonde hair also seems to be a give-away that it is Zelda. The role that she plays in the game remains to be seen. Will she help Link out during battle? Will she just stand there? What is her role in the story? Those questions remain to be answered.


The final two images hold some interesting pieces of information. Remember how in the first screenshot Link had only five hearts, and a standard sword and shield? At the end of the trailer, Link wields the Master Sword, the Hylian Shield, and Link now has ten hearts. Link also now has what seems to be the Red Potion in his item slot. The bar under the hearts now extends to two bars rather than just one. This implies that Link will be able to upgrade his arsenal and equipment throughout the game.



These are just some of the little things that the trailer showed off. If you are interested in seeing more, you can check out our very own trailer analysis on ZUTV. If you notice any other interesting details in the trailer, let us know in the comments!

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