Reggie is a man that needs no introduction. He is one of Nintendo of America’s most well known and charismatic people, as well as an internet celebrity of sorts. The Regginator took the time to post a couple of pictures on Instagram of some of his favorite items in his office. Reggie showcased quite a few items, the most notable of which being his Ganondorf statue and a full size Master Sword! If your body is ready, hit the jump to view Reggie’s Zelda swag!

When Reggie is happy, his Ganondorf statue reflects his mood:


When Reggie is mad however, his Ganondorf statue reflects his anger:


Finally, I’ll leave you all with Reggie showing off his full size Master Sword, complete with a full scale pedestal too! Click on the photo below to view the full Instagram video. It’s really cool, and maybe some day Nintendo will produce some more for us fans to get our hands on. One can only dream.

2013-12-03 23_06_20-Video by nintendo

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Source: Instagram
Via: Nintendo Everything