If you’ve never listened to the incredible Zelda covers by Taylor Davis, you’re in for a treat. Miss Davis is an insanely talented violinist with several albums out on iTunes, including the recently released Melodies of Hyrule. This week we’re putting the spotlight on Taylor Davis, showcasing two of her Zelda arrangements.

Amanda’s pick:

Dressed in an impressive Sheik costume, ┬áthis girl doesn’t just play her Song of Time and Song of Storms mashup, she performs it. After watching this video, I had to check out some of her other music, and it’s all absolutely amazing. I’m in total awe of her abilities as an artist. Taylor Davis, you rock!

Mark’s pick:

A year prior to performing the tunes above, Taylor Davis also performed a general Zelda medley. This one sounds equally amazing, with many widely recognizable themes from the Zelda franchise in it. I have always adored these types of collages of Zelda music, and this rendition is definitely one of the best. Enjoy!

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