EB Games Australia has recently emailed some of their customers in order to notify them of the fact that their preorder of the A Link Between Worlds 3DS XL bundle will not be honored, due to EB Games not having enough units in stock in order to fulfill all the shipments. This was due to an error on the retailers part. However, EB Games Australia has offered a little something in order to make up for this inconvenience. Hit the jump to learn more!

EB Games Australia sent out an email to affected customers, citing that there was a mistake made by EB Games. The retailer does not have enough units in stock in order to fulfill all of the preorders. The email reads:

“Due to a mistake on our [EB Games’] part, we don’t have enough stock to fulfill all of our orders. As we allocate on a first come, first served basis this means that unfortunately your order cannot be fulfilled.”

It should be noted that this is reported to affect customers who ordered from the EB Games online store. EB Games Australia has offered a $30 gift card that affected customers can use in-store on any item. Hopefully those affected can get their hands on the bundle soon, but the $30 is a nice consolation gift for those missing out on their preorders.

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Source: Vooks
Via: Go Nintendo
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