In yesterday’s report covering the recent Nintendo Direct, we learned that A Link Between Worlds will incorporate the StreetPass function into gameplay. Read on to find out how it works!

If you’re not familiar with StreetPass, it allows individuals carrying a 3DS to share data by coming into close proximity with one another.  In ALBW, you can create a Shadow Link to battle other players via StreetPass.

To customize your Shadow Link, pick two items to carry into battle. Once you choose your items, a bounty will be placed on your Shadow Link’s head. That amount varies dependent on its equipment and number of hearts. Now you’re ready to tag other players through StreetPass.


Defeating another player’s Shadow Link will earn you Rupees plus other awards and achievements. There’s no penalty for losing, so you may as well try. You might recognize the music played during battle. It’s an updated version of the Temple theme from Zelda II which was also featured in the last two Super Smash Brothers installments.

Your Shadow Link appears in other players’ games however you named it, so if you come across one named Amanda, it might just be me! These StreetPass battles aren’t required to complete the game, but it’s a fun way to connect with fellow Zelda fans.


You meet Gramps, the character who sets up the StreetPass function, in Kakariko Village. Whenever you StreetPass someone, a notification sign will appear in front of Gramps, indicating Shadow Link’s bounty and location.

Once you find a Shadow Link, you must talk to him to engage in battle. Upon talking to Shadow Link, you are informed of his weapons and number of hearts. The stronger the weapons, the greater the bounty. As you continue to win battles, you’ll be recognized for various achievements such as winning within 10 seconds or winning without using X or Y. You can check out StreetPass footage from IGN below!

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Source: GoNintendo