Well guys, I’m in a bit of a bind here–again. In a way, I really want you all to see this amazing new official artwork for A Link Between Worlds–if you’ve been following the previously released artwork, you’ll know how great this looksHowever, it’s probably the most spoilerific piece of art I’ve seen so far, and for readers trying to avoid any plot details of the game, I wouldn’t dream of showing you this. If you’re not too concerned about seeing this reveal, or your curiosity is winning over your desperate attempts to block all plot details right now, hit the jump to see it for yourself (or perhaps come back when you’ve beaten the game!). Otherwise, final warning: major spoiler alert. Also, as a friendly heads-up, you may want to avoid the official The Legend of Zelda UK Facebook page for the time being, as this is where I found the image.

Well, looks like you took the plunge! So, here we are: a new piece of artwork unmistakeably depicting Ganon in his pure, pig-like form.

A Link Between Worlds - Ganon Artwork

[More spoilers for ALttP ahead!] He looks similar to to how he did in his surprise appearance at the end of A Link to the Past. With his inclusion and design being a clear throwback to ALttP, it will be interesting to see if Yuga is simply an alter ego for Ganon, just as Agahnim was. With references already clearly being a large part of ALBW, it’d sure be a grand one to end on right at the end of the game, with Ganon suddenly emerging from Yuga’s “defeat”. Either way, we do know this much: Ganon is now confirmed to appear in A Link Between Worlds.

It is rather odd for Nintendo to release art as spoiler-heavy as this, and even more so to post it publicly on an official Facebook page. Unsurprisingly, fans are freaking out in the comments. While it may be a risk to venture anywhere else Zelda-related on the internet, stay tuned to ZU–we’ll be keeping all secrets concealed and with warnings!

Edit: Ganon was also revealed today in the new launch trailer. He is seen rising from a dark portal surrounded by the spinning paintings of all of the Sages, making my speculation of a surprise end appearance at the defeat of Yuga unlikely. Instead, it seems more likely that Yuga somehow acquired all of the paintings and used them to break the seal to free his Dark Lord. We’ll see in just over a week!

Source: The Legend of Zelda UK Facebook page