Nintendo UK Store - A Link Between Worlds with Musical Chest

So that musical chest offered in GAME’s collector’s edition of A Link Between Worlds is awesome, right? It is pretty steep though, at £49.99. Thankfully, UK fans can opt for a pre-order at the Nintendo Store, which is also offering the musical chest with the game. It is important to note that you will not get the collector’s edition’s poster and Link’s Awakening eShop code from the Nintendo Store, but with a £10 price difference it’s sure to be a great option for some people.

Please note: While you should be guaranteed to grab that chest with your pre-order, keep an eye on your basket when you click “Pre-Order Now”. You should have two items in there: the game and the chest, separately. I found this a while ago, but have only just posted this here as previously the musical chest seemed to have been removed temporarily for a short time. It’s uncertain how limited these chests are, so if you’re interested I’d advise picking up yours now, just in case!

Source: Nintendo Store UK
Via: Hot UK Deals