Do you enjoy building with LEGOs and playing Zelda games? Then a Zelda-themed LEGO set would be the perfect item to add to your home. As a kid, I loved building with LEGOs, and often would try to emulate scenes from my favorite movies and video games with the blocks I had available to me (which wasn’t very many). The Legend of Zelda: Iron Knuckle Encounter, by Wes Talbott, is a proposed Zelda LEGO set that has just entered the review phase at LEGO CUUSOO. This is the creator’s second project proposal, as the first was unfortunately rejected.

LEGO CUUSOO is a three-step process aimed at developing brand-new LEGO sets. Users create a project, share the concept online, and see what other users think. Once a project gains 10,000 supporters, it is reviewed quarterly by LEGO for a chance to become an official LEGO product. Once a project is approved and chosen for production, the creator receives 1% of total net sales of the product.

This Zelda set has just reached 10,000 supporters, and is now in the review phase–which could take several months. The review phase is thorough, and not easy to pass. A review board consisting of designers, product managers, and other key team members will examine the idea, build concept models, and determine if the concept meets LEGO standards for quality, playability, and safety. Every LEGO product goes through a process like this and must meet the same standards.

The set includes many details from the series such as pots, skulls, and pillars.


Below, you can see the back of the set. After Link battles his way past the Iron Knuckle, the door slides open with a turn of the knob, and a yellow light brick turns on above the door. Behind the door Link finds a boss key.


The set also includes six pots that hold two Red Rupees, two Green Rupees, and two pink Fairies. There is also another treasure chest holding a key to another dungeon. What other dungeon you ask? Well, that depends on what kind of dungeon you want to build out of LEGOs!


Here’s a fun fact: When you put a Rupee in a pot it sticks to the inside, and doesn’t come out when you turn it upside down. Even when you knock it against a table, it still doesn’t come out. In order to get the Rupee to pop out you have to actually toss it at a hard surface, much like Link does in the game, and the Rupee will come right out!

I hope this project is able to pass the review board, because it would be an invaluable addition to any LEGO or Zelda collection. It also provides endless possibilities for fun and imaginative play for children (and adults!) Nintendo would also have to provide LEGO with rights to use the Zelda image and characters, so that is another hurdle this project will have to jump through. It’s clear the maker has put a lot of time and energy into his prototype, and it simply looks cool! To view more photos of the project, click here. You can also check out a short video of the set features. Want more Zelda LEGOs? Check out this King of Red Lions play set and vote to support it.

Even if the project gets rejected, at least Nintendo and LEGO are aware that this is something fans want and would be willing to buy, and hopefully they approve similar projects in the future. Would you purchase this LEGO set if it passes the review phase?