The-Legend-of-Zelda-A-Link-Between-Worlds-1920-x-1200Zelda Europe‘s TourianTourist was recently given the chance to try out the new Zelda title for 3DS, A Link Between Worlds, and with that, they have brought us a plethora of new info on the game. The news article focused greatly on specific details of items, dungeons, etc. This post is going to be spoiler-heavy, as TourianTourist was given 3 1/2 hours to play the game, up to the third dungeon. In other words, read at your own risk! Check out all the new info released after the break!

TourianTourist released a lot of new details on the game, so this is going to be quite the long read for those of you that are interested.

  • As mentioned in our article from several days ago, the sanctuary from the original A Link to the Past makes its return in this game. It has been revealed that you will be able to explore the majority of Hyrule before even going to the sanctuary.
  • The lantern no longer uses the Energy Meter, now only the Ravio items deplete it.
  • You can get the bug-catching net in Kakariko Village, very similar to how you could in A Link to the Past. When you get an Empty Bottle from one of the merchants, you take it to the “bee guy” and receive the net.
  • The bar in the south-east area of the town is now a milk bar.
  • You are now able to buy a shield, the Foul Fruit, and the Scoot Fruit, for 50 Rupees each from the shop in Kakariko Village.
  • The Foul Fruit will stun enemies, or scare them away.
  • When you use the Scoot Fruit, it will warp you out of a dungeon.
  • You are able to sell bees for 50 Rupees each to the “bee guy”.
  • Ravio gives you Ravio’s Bracelet, which is what gives you your Energy Meter and is used by all items.
  • Items that are rented have purple bunny ears on them.
  • Rented items can not be upgraded, only fully-purchased items.
  • The ninth item in Ravio’s shop is the Sand Rod, but, you are not able to access it until later in the game due to events in the main story-line.
  • Once you are past the Eastern Palace you are able to rent all of the items, for between 20-100 Rupees, with the Fire and Ice Rods being the most expensive.
  • Two items in the game are still unknown to the public.
  • The bird-like creature that follows Ravio will take your rented items back if you die.
  • Yuga (one of the main villains in the game) turns link into a painting at the end of the Eastern Palace dungeon, but thanks to the help of Ravio’s bracelet, Link is saved! After this fight you are able to explore the outer walls of the Eastern Palace.
  • There are purple energy jars in the game that refill your Energy Meter.
  • You are able to merge with the wall behind Majora’s Mask in Link’s house, making it seem like Link is wearing the mask.
  • The witch, Irene, is able to teleport you to specific spots in the world, using the bird statues. These statues are where you save, and must be activated before you are able to teleport to them.
  • Red, blue, yellow, and purple potions are sold in the witch hut. Red potions restore 8 hearts, and only require Rupees for purchase (so no spoils required). The blue potions fully restore your hearts, but items from selected monsters are required to make it. The yellow potion makes you invulnerable for a short amount of time. The purple potion damages enemies, but requires certain items from monsters.
  • There are 100 Maiamais total to collect in the game. They can be found in trees, pots, behind houses, and even underwater.
  • Once you get past the Eastern Palace, you are given the choice of two different dungeons, the House of Gales and the Tower of Hera. You can go to either one in whichever order you like.
  • The House of Gales requires you to have the Tornado Rod and Zora flippers to enter, whereas the Tower of Hera requires you to have the Hammer and Power Glove.
  • The Zora flippers are obtained from the Zora queen, and the Power Glove is obtained from a lumberjack.
  • Rolling boulders cover Death Mountain. You can dodge them by merging with the wall, or smash them to pieces with your Hammer. Spectacle Rock is now an active volcano.
  • The desert is now completely blocked off. TourianTourists suggests that it is the opposite of A Link to the Past, and that you get to it by going to Lorule.
  • The rocks that drop Rupees from the GBA version of A Link to the Past make their return.

What do you guys think of all this new info? A lot still hasn’t been announced, so I’m interested to see where the game goes. TourianTourist mentioned that he had a lot of fun playing the game, and that it was very addicting. The fact that the game has so many call backs to A Link to the Past is quite interesting.

Source: Zelda Europe (Thanks TourianTourist from the ZU forums for the tip!)
Via: Hyrule Blog
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