Nintendo has announced that it will be releasing two new 3DS XL limited edition colors in Japan on November 28. The two new colors are black orange and black turquoise. What is interesting about these two colors is that the buttons (including the volume and wi-fi switches) match the color of the device’s orange and turquoise respectively. The two new devices also come with an AC adapter, and a storage bag matching the device’s color. The handhelds look absolutely stunning, and it’ll be interesting to see if they make their way outside of Japan.

But that’s not all! Photos of a Luigi-themed 2DS have been posted by Kotaku. The 2DS is styled in Luigi’s classic shade of green, and the buttons are decorated with that same color. Personally, I think the Luigi-green provides a perfect contrast to the 2DS’ white background. Although it has yet to be confirmed, the photos look convincing, and it is also a matter of time before Nintendo comments on its existence.

Update: Well, it was a bit premature to get excited about the Luigi-themed 2DS. Matt (known as wiggy) of Rose Colored Gaming admitted in an interview with Second Opinion Games that he simply modded the standard blue 2DS into a custom Luigi version of the console. He sent the pictures to a few people, and it seems that those pictures were picked up and passed on to various gaming sites. So it seems that for now we’ll have to live without a Luigified version of the 2DS, which is quite a shame really.

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Source: Vooks [1], Kotaku [2]
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