Wind Waker HD UK Trailer

Even after our previous mammoth round-ups of gameplay footage, screenshots and trailers of The Wind Waker HD last week, the internet continues to churn out more and more video content of the game. After the jump you’ll find more new gameplay footage, comparisons of the animations and the sailing speeds of both GameCube and Wii U versions of the game, and a brand new trailer showcasing WWHD’s features. What are you waiting for?

Gameplay Footage

Outset and Windfall

In this 10 minute video from Nintendo Life, you’ll see a more thorough demonstration of Outset Island as Link meets Aryll, Joel, Sturgeon and Orca. It then cuts to Windfall Island, where Link meets more familiar faces.

Ice Ring Isle

Fairy Fountain

Angry Pigs

Jalhalla Boss Fight

GC vs. Wii U Comparisons


In WWHD, the regular animations you’ll perform take less time than in the original GameCube version. These include the Grappling Hook, treasure salvaging and Wind Waker conducting animations.

Regular Sail vs. Swift Sail

This video compares the speeds of the regular sail from the original game to the new Swift Sail in WWHD. In a race to get from the western edge of the world map to the eastern edge, the Swift Sail accomplishes 3:50 minutes with the regular sail at 7:00. Aonuma wasn’t kidding when he said that the Swift Sail is almost twice as fast!

Gameplay and New Features Trailer

Nothing new to see here, but as with all the previous trailers, it’s a great watch if you want to get even more hyped for the game.

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Via: Nintendo Everything