Super Smash Bros - Link and Olimar

In today’s update from the official Super Smash Bros. website, a new screenshot shows Link seemingly preparing an attack on the oblivious Captain Olimar–or perhaps showing off to the camera while Olimar looks away in disapproval. Aside from this being the first time we’ve seen the 3DS version of Captain Olimar, the screenshot doesn’t reveal anything new about the game. Although it does highlight how great the 3DS version is looking, and makes me excited to take silly snapshots again like director Masahiro Sakurai clearly enjoys doing during development of the games.

Source: Super Smash Bros.
  • Jordan

    Looks just like his double jump to me

    • Reece

      You'd be right–from a technical perspective, it is just Link doing a double-jump behind Olimar. I just try to describe what Sakurai is trying to achieve in these screenshots in terms of the silly stories and backgrounds he tries to interpret into them. 🙂

  • Agua

    Pfft, that’s amazing. I loved doing silly screenshots, so this doesn’t disappoint me!

  • Random

    Er Mah Gerd! That's cool lookin' even if it is just a double-jump.

  • gravyfan

    Normal day. Link being a boss. 🙂

  • RPH1

    I like how Sakurai is posting these shots on the Miiverse developers section every week day. I try to look at it every day. It's cool that we get to see what they are making as they go.