After the official reveal of The Wind Waker HD, fans have been speculating about possible remakes in the Legend of Zelda series. We now know that The Wind Waker wasn’t the only title Nintendo considered remaking. Eiji Aonuma, video game designer who oversees The Legend of Zelda games, confirmed that Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword were also tested in HD format.

Although these games were tested, Aonuma said that there likely won’t be any additional HD remakes in the near future. (I’m personally still holding my breath for a Majora’s Mask remake in any format.)

In a Polygon interview, Aonuma said:

“I can’t say that the possibility is zero that those will be made into HD, but right now I need to work on the next installation in the series so I don’t have the bandwidth to do that right now. But maybe it will happen if someone else does it.”

More info about what Aonuma said about Legend of Zelda remakes after the jump!

Aonuma also commented on the fact that remakes are a tricky business, and that it is best to tread lightly and strike a balance between old and new when working on a remake of beloved game titles. When asked about maintaining the right balance with a remake, he said:

“It is certainly a bit of a balancing act. I too was one of those Star Wars fans who saw the HD Star Wars and was a little bit disappointed because it wasn’t my Star Wars. I understand those feelings and I understand the possibility of it happening. So it’s something we’re aware of.”

Aonuma was also aware that fans were initially wary of a Wind Waker remake. When asked about fan concerns and worries, he said:

“That’s something I’m very concerned about, I’m always thinking about. With Wind Waker HD the first thing we did was release a still during a Nintendo Direct presentation and there were quite a few fans who said, ‘That’s not my Wind Waker.’ They said it looked different from the Wind Waker they’ve experienced.”

With fan input in mind, Aonuma strived to create a remake that improved upon the original without going too far off base from what fans originally loved about the game. He also mentioned that he hopes The Wind Waker HD would draw in new fans as well.

“I didn’t want to change what made the original so much fun. Whenever there were areas that players were getting stuck I wanted to smooth those out, if the pacing wasn’t optimized, if it felt like the rhythm of the game was being effected by whatever task the player was having to do those would be tuned, we tightened those areas up. Basically, the overall image of the game, including the story and the flow hasn’t been affected, wont be impacted, but we certainly made adjustments so the rhythm doesn’t drag. Certainly I understand even those areas of the game that weren’t optimized could be associated with very fond memories for people who played the game originally, but I wanted to make those adjustments to really optimize the experience for all players, including new players. Hopefully there will be a lot of new players who will pick up the game for the first time and I wanted to make sure that this was optimized for them.”

Although initially concerned, Aonuma came to realize that all the changes to the Wind Waker were similar to the creative process of producing a new game, which is why he decided to finally move forward with the project. He said:

“As a creator, I want to make something new, remakes really aren’t something that get me excited.”

However, he went on to say:

“We discovered that there was a new fun experience to be had there so there was never any discussion of making a sequel rather than a remake for Wind Waker. As I mentioned before, as a creator I always want to create something new. The decision to make Wind Waker HD actually came as a result of our intent to create something new for the Wii U.”

As far as the development of a completely new Zelda Wii U game, Aonuma had no comment.

“Honestly it’s not finalized yet, where in the Zelda universe this story will land. We’re exploring different directions that we can take this story at this point, so there’s unfortunately nothing I can share from that perspective.

From this interview, it seems that Aonuma has done a great job of weighing the pros and cons of pursuing the remake of a classic game such as The Wind Waker. As with any remake, there will always fans who are unhappy with the changes or wish that things were done differently.

Do you think The Wind Waker was a good choice for an HD remake? Would you have rather seen an HD remake of Twilight Princess or Skyward Sword?

Source: Polygon [1], Polygon [2]
Via: Nintendo Everything [1], Nintendo Everything [2]
  • Peter

    Maybe an hd remake of Majora's Mask


  • Nick

    Remake of majoras mask, that would be 1000000 times better!

  • Ellis

    Yeah, A Majoras Mask Remake would be better

  • Rochelle

    Personally I agree with Ellis and Nick, You could add zombies in any part of the game 😀

  • Couch

    This would be a nice neighborhood… with a Majoras Mask remake!

  • Theodore Roosevelt

    Don't you dare even consider remaking Twilight or Skyward without giving me my Majora's Mask.

  • GoogleSays

    Have you heard about Aunoma ‘laughing’ about a Majora’s Mask remake yet? http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/09/12/zelda-producer-on-majoras-mask-remake-say-that-i-laughed

  • I'd love to see an HD remake of Twilight Princess!

    • craZ

      Yeah, like the tech demo.

  • Coobbyo

    I think that TP and SS are too new for remakes. Bringing back an old game would be great and revamp they hype. The hype about TP and SS is just barely dead. I guess remaking them could still be good, but I feel like they are still too new. That's just me.

    • Davad

      I agree. Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess are just too new to remake.

      • Davad

        That was me of course I wasn't logged in

      • Zeldafan17

        Well, they DID remake DK Country Returns…so you never know…

  • ZeldaFanGuy

    First, if they'd remake Majora's Mask, it'd probably be for the 3DS as OoT was.

    Second I also agree that TP and SS are too new for a remake.

    Third I know that the OoT was just remade on the 3DS in HD, though I've wondered how amazing would it be, if it was TP graphics but HD ones.

    Fourth I think the best game they could possibly ever remake but I doubt they could to the standard I'd like is Link to the Past, but not as we've seen it before, like at least up to OoT graphics…. That's right a 3 dimensional remake of a 2 dimensional game 😛

  • ZeldaFanGuy

    Forgot to add, I belive that the Wind Waker remake is amazing. The first images I saw of it, LITTERALLY made me squeal like a little girl, they were outright breath taking to me.

    Wind Waker was my favorite Zelda game to date, to see it redone in this HD glory just brings back such amazing memories from when it first came out. And about 10 minutes before typing this I pre-ordered my very own Wii U + Zelda: Wind Waker HD bundle 😛

  • TookUrSkalp

    I wish they made a remake of Majora's Mask instead of Wind Waker. Pfft. I they do decide and do what the fans want then I really hope they make it for the Wii-u. The remake of OoT was ok but the controlling wasn't good. MM should be on a console not a hand held. I would love to get this game after the new Legend of Zelda games out some time next year. And I'd wait two years for a Majora's Mask remake so they can make it really awesome and maybe add a bit more ? Then just upgraded the graphics. That's what I'd like to see.

  • shadow_link

    It would be such a waste of time to remaster 2 of the more recent games

  • certainly enjoyed the way you explore your experience and knowledge of the subject! Keep up on it. Thanks for sharing the info

  • James

    If they made a Twilight Princess remake with tech demo graphics (or any Zelda game with tech demo graphics) I’d be super excited, but I’d still much prefer Majoras Mask, I’d be pissed if they wasted time on a Skyward sword HD version rather than making a good Zelda game, I’d care less if the Skyward sword bosses didn’t look like monsters inc characters, I just want a brutal manly Zelda! The graphics on the tech demo were amazing, I grew up playing Zelda and now I’m 20, some Zelda fans are much older, we want an adult Zelda! 🙂 but that I haven’t loved every Zelda game still haha

  • wish they made a remake of Majora's Mask instead of Wind Waker. Pfft. I they do decide and do what the fans want then I really hope they make it for the Wii-u. The remake of OoT was ok but the controlling wasn't good. MM should be on a console not a hand held.

  • Naomi

    Majora Mask Remake Wii-U

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