A Link Between Worlds - Artwork 1

Nintendo has added a new page for the upcoming A Link Between Worlds on their official website, detailing some basic information for the game. While there’s nothing new to learn about the game, you can check out some screenshots and a trailer for the game.

Elsewhere, and perhaps more excitingly, we have two new pieces of artwork for the game courtesy of Nintendo Everything. The first (above) is the same image used on the box art, but in full colour and without the golden overlay. The second image after the jump may also seem familiar to you, but this artwork of Link features him without the wall and hieroglyph.

A Link Between Worlds - Artwork 2

Sources: Nintendo [1], Nintendo Everything
Via: Zelda Dungeon [1]
  • Rriillyy

    I mean, I don’t know if its been said, but clearly that band on his arm is what lets him transform…

    • tim

      you get that because it was said yesterday. a logic thinking man before would have thought its the power glove from alttp

  • Heh

    At least they're giving him leggings in this one and not like A Link to the Past and Link's Awakening……..

  • TheGrave

    Hmmm. I like how they're going with the Master Sword still being in ruins. It's bit of continuity with Twilight Princess.

    • That_Guy92

      well this is many years after a link to the past, so who knows how long its been since the link from a link to the past has been dead.

  • craZ

    The full WWHD site is now up and running.

    • craZ

      You gotta see it. it is beautiful. I got like 3 months till i get this, but I don't know if I can wait that long.

  • Vladislak

    That's the only problem I see with this game IMO; the Master Sword. ALttP said at the end that the Master Sword sword "sleeps again… forever!".

    It may seem minor, and it is to some extent, but it bothers me a little that they're completely disregarding that.

    • CEObrainz

      What you say is true, but if in ALTTP It say the master sword won't be used again and in ALBW it does get used. Then ALBW takes priority as it happened last. You can't predict that something will never happen unless it's eradicated or banished to a different realm. And we all know those kind of constraints don't hold strongly in the Zelda Universe.

    • MikeL

      It also said that the dark world ceased to exist, however it's obviously there in ALBW. There are minor inconsistencies like this all over the Zelda history, if you get hung up on them it's going to drive you crazy.
      Anyway, if you think about it the text in the epilogue could just mean that it was simply ALttP Link's intention for it to sleep forever, but evil doesn't simply go away, even though Ganon was "completely destroyed".

      • craZ

        Correction: It is only announced as the other world, not the dark world.

        • MikeL

          According to CNET, Aonuma confirmed that it is indeed the dark world. Just look at it, that is the dark world, no question about it.

          • craZ

            Oh, i see. Ok. Didn't see that piece of info. Thanks for telling me.

    • Sanguiluna

      When World War I ended, people assumed that humanity would never go to war again. We were proven wrong less than 30 years later by the same enemy. The people of Hyrule were proven wrong several centuries later, so I think they still deserve some credit.

  • craZ

    I had a dream a couple nights ago that ALBW was available and it was M for mature. I was kinda freaked out when i saw that. I was like "This does not look M for mature."

  • RPH1

    I like the artwork. I think I'll use that first one as wallpaper when ALBW is released.