largeCapcom and Nintendo collaborated on Monster Hunter 4 to bring forth a few familiar costume choices.  Players can choose to dress their characters as Mario, Luigi, and Link. The game also features customizable guild cards, giving the options of Zelda, Donkey Kong, and Mario themes. When dressed as Link, the player can even strike our hero’s signature “you got a…” pose against a Zelda background. Hit the jump for screenshots and video.monster_hunter_4_nintendo_guild_cards-166x300monster_hunter_4_nintendo_poses-250x300

Monster Hunter 4 launches in Japan on September 14th. No word yet on a North American or European release.

Source: Nintendo Everything


  • Doc

    You guys are a bit late on this

    • gravyfan

      So you'd rather it not be up here at all? 😉

      And regardless of the answer to that, there are people that visit this site that have not seen this yet, so it is far from a useless post.

      • Guest

        thanks gravyfan you are doing a service to us all

  • RPH1

    This is news to me.
    When did Monster Hunter 3 come out? That seems new.

  • CEObrainz

    So now we can play as female Link?