I had the privilege of spending Labor Day weekend at the 27th annual Dragon*Con, the world’s largest sci-fi/fantasy convention, in downtown Atlanta, Ga.  It was an incredible experience, getting to dress as some of my favorite characters, seeing celebrities, photo-shoots, and just letting my geek flag fly.  As I explored the con, I came across a few Zelda sightings, from cosplayers to merchandise. Hit the jump for a rundown of my Zelda encounters!



St. Louis Ocarina had a table setup in the dealer room. They displayed an assortment of ocarinas–some even shaped like Rupees, Hylian shields, and of course the Ocarina of Time. I wanted my nephew to get one, but being the 13-year-old boy he is, he wanted a sword instead. I couldn’t leave without picking up a CD of their music. If you haven’t listened to the St. Louis Ocarina Trio play, be sure to check them out. Their arrangements of Zelda songs are excellent, and made me want to find my ocarina and actually learn how to play it!


This is Nicole in a beautifully done Skyward Sword  Zelda costume. She really captures the spritely quality of the character.


Lacey and David from Atlanta are keeping Zelink shipping alive in this cosplay of Link and Zelda.


A Hylian shield in the dealer room.

Now that Dragon*Con is over, I’m already thinking about next year’s con. It’s only 359 days away, after all. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to down some Emergen-C to fight off the con-crud!