Wii U Pro Controller

For purists who aren’t too keen on always using a huge touch-screen controller while they play an upgrade of a classic game, you may be pleased to hear that The Wind Waker HD supports the use of the Wii U Pro Controller. This was confirmed on Nintendo of Japan’s product information page for the game.

The page also reveals that the digital eShop release is 2.6GB in size, and will require at least 31MB for save data. Like the original game, there are three save slots, and there is Linear PCM 5.1ch surround sound functionality (if that means anything to you).

Source: Nintendo of Japan
Via: Nintendo Everything
  • RPH1

    That page also shows that you can use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk or Wii Classic controller and has what looks like a 3DS tile with the King of Red Lions' face.

    • Bland

      Those are what the Wii U uses as well.
      The tiles.

      • Bland

        Oh and no, the controllers you listed are marked out.

  • MDH

    I wonder why save data is so huge for Wii U games. I've noticed it with Nintendo Land and Pikmin 3.

  • this wonderful, i learning control it, and i feel great ! i play Wii U Pro Controller everyday

  • MikeL

    I'm kind of disappointed that they haven't incorporated the Skyward Sword motion controls as an option. AS AN OPTION *before anyone jumps at me for liking the motion controls*.
    I think they're too good to use in only one game and WW HD is both the perfect and probably the last chance to use it again.
    Perfect because it's a sequel, an original Zelda game needs to be a more concise experience and shouldn't experiment with different input methods but that's perfectly fine for a sequel.
    The the last chance because I doubt the Motion plus will be around for any future Zelda games.

    • MikeL

      by "sequel" I meant "remake"…

      • Vonter

        Hmm I think there still could be a chance for it to be used. Since at the ends of the day m+ is standard now, and Nintendo Land and Pikmin 3 used it. But I know what you meant even Nintendo stated that they decided using Cel shaded for SS since the sword movements were not very realistic or something along the lines. Windwaker cartoony world could have been fit if that it's still the issue from a visual perspective.