Gerudo Valley Stage Hazard

As Smash Bros. fans may be aware, there are a number of Zelda stages already confirmed for the upcoming, untitled instalments, including Gerudo Valley and Spirit Train for the 3DS version and Skyloft for the Wii U version. A recent screenshot from the official Super Smash Bros. website shows what appears to be a stage hazard in the Gerudo Valley stage.

Firstly, for those who aren’t too familiar with the stage’s layout, you can hit the jump for previous screenshots of the stage (courtesy of Smash Wiki) in order to visualise it in the best way possible.

Super Smash Bros - Gerudo Valley 1

Super Smash Bros - Gerudo Valley 2

Now, as you can see, not only is there fire covering the ground, but this fire has also collapsed the bridge. In this sense, it is similar to the previous Bridge of Eldin stage–as Brawl players may recall, that stage also had destructible battleground in the centre.

It’s assumed, with the fire seemingly covering one end of the stage and the bridge out of commission, that this would temporarily leave the opposite side of the stage as the only “safe zone”. This could mean that the fire’s appearance could alternate between both sides. Unless, of course, both sides are enveloped in an inferno and only the higher platforms are safe–but it would make sense that these would burn down along with the bridge, and the left platform appears to be missing from the screenshot.

This raises a number of questions. Firstly, what caused the fire? Perhaps it was a Gerudo guard aggressive towards unwanted intruders. Secondly, how will the bridge be restored (if at all)? Perhaps the workers from Ocarina of Time will rebuild it rapidly in a cartoon-like fashion. Anyone could be hiding in that tent on the left, after all. It’s also possible that the fire we see isn’t a stage hazard at all but instead caused by an item or Final Smash, with the creator of this screenshot playing mind games with us all using crafty imagery.

Maybe you have a better theories than me, though. Also, what do you think of the stage?

Source: Super Smash Bros.
  • Craig

    To me, it looks like the fire is coming from the tent from OOT3D, from the fire bowl inside. Also, does anyone else think the image of Samus and Kirby looks like a cutscene?

    • Zelda Paradox

      It's just them using taunts…

  • Colton

    It would be cool if it were Twinrova! I have wanted them to make an appearance in the smash series and they are an essential part of the Gerudo storyline.

  • logan

    Am I the only one who noticed the black out line on the characters that's interesting <_>

    • Guest

      The black outline on the characters was added to the game to make the characters stand out more against the background

      • shadow_link

        I don't really like that. They look like they have been green screened in. (On a low budget)

        • LegendofAaron

          Its actually so the characters are constantly visible with the small screen of the 3DS, it's hardly noticeable during gameplay

        • Reece

          And its only in the 3DS version (to continue LegendofAaron's point), not the Wii U version. The thick outlines and cel-shaded visuals look way better in motion.

      • rrr

        no, you're just the last one to notice it.

  • Arctic Wolf (SS82)

    The fire probably represents the Ganondorf introduction cutscene that occurs when the Deku Tree speaks to Link after the first dungeon; Ganondorf being known as the King of the Gerudo.

  • Guest

    even more curious is that Link happens to be floating in midair.

    • Guest

      or maybe Link just jumped

  • logan

    or maybe the fire is made by