Most Zelda players are familiar with hitting up the shops and shelling out Rupees for arrows, bombs, potions, and other items that need replenishing. The bigger equipment like the hookshot, bomb bag, and bow are usually found in the dungeons.

At first glance, this looks like your average Zelda item shop. However, if you look closely at this screenshot from A Link Between Worldsyou’ll see several items that normally aren’t available for sale. So does this mean there won’t be a fixed time in the game for Link to acquire new weapons?

In a recent Miiverse post, producer Eiji Aonuma states:

“I also have a screenshot to show you today.

This shows the item shop that are common in Zelda games, and the character standing next to Link is looking very suspicious.

We’ll be talking about this character at a later time, but for now take a closer look at the items that are on sale. There’s the bow and arrow, the boomerang and the hookshot that are all familiar to the series.

If you noticed something strange with this picture, you’re quite the Zelda fanatic!

That’s right, shops in the past Zelda games sold things that would run out once you use them like arrows and bombs, items that needed replenishing. They have never sold an item that doesn’t go away after each use like the boomerang or the hookshot.

This shop is a very important place in this game, and we hope to talk more about it soon. Until then, I hope you’ll use your imagination wondering what this shop is all about.”

What we’re not seeing, is how much the various items cost. It could be that Link must reach a certain point in the game before he can carry enough Rupees to purchase more advanced weaponry. Take Ocarina of Time, for example. At the beginning of the game, Link can only carry up to 99 rupees. If something costs more than that, then he can’t buy it.  As the game progresses, he upgrades his wallet, making more items in the shops available to him. Perhaps the same concept applies in A Link Between Worlds.

Another question to ask is who is (or what is) that purple creature next to Link? It looks like something straight out of Lilo and Stitch. My guess is that he’s the shop keeper, but he could also be one of Link’s companions.

Tell us your speculations in the comments below!

 Source: Nintendo Everything
Via: Zelda Dungeon
  • RespectDaZombie

    I think thats an inventory screen, ment to look like a shop, and that purple thing is Bunny Link, like from LTTP

    • Amanda

      Ooo! I didn't think of that! Very nice ^_^

    • Reece

      I'm not so sure, considering Aonuma explicitly said "This shows the item shop", and "This shop is a very important place in this game" (notice the word "place"). Weirder things have happened, sure, but I'm doubtful that Nintendo would create something no detailed and unnecessary for something like an inventory screen, which are designed to be quick, easy means of equipping/using an item.

      • Andrew

        That's like going back to original Harvest Moon, where you could only two tools at a time and constantly had to go and and forth to your shed to switch, where in the more recent games you can hold 30 items at once (Which also stack)

    • Andrew

      I doubt it would be the inventory screen, because DS games almost always work "this way"

      -Top screen shows the hero moving around
      -Bottom screen shows inventory and stats and such.

  • Tyler

    The shopkeeper looks like Nabbit from New Super Luigi U to me.

  • Ohnoyoujustno8

    isn't the purple bunny , nabbit from new super mario bros u ?

  • Linneus

    Looks like de Blob.

  • Mon

    Maybe a max rupee limit will be in place preventing link from buying them early

  • Dion

    An upgrade shop perhaps?

    • guest

      i have a feeling you're on the money

  • kevin

    Not entirely true. In Link’s Awakening, you have to buy the Shovel from the shop for 200 rupees. Once purchased, the shop will then stock the Bow which can be bought for 980 rupees.

  • What if we get a type of like-like that can not only devour your shields and tunics (OoT), but can devour all types of items. Then, as you aquire items in dungeons, they become available in the shops for rebuy if you loose them.

    • Rikki

      Since it's a Nabbit, it's also possible he steals the items fro you and then ahs the audacity to sell them back to you. Kinda like the Curiosity Shop from MM.

      • Andrew

        That's not the first time cross-overs have happened.

        Goombas, Thwomps and Chain Chomps and Wart have shown up in Zelda. Piantassmo or whatever his name is (The running guy from Sunshine) is the same running guy from Ocarina of Time. Link even appeared in Super Mario RPG. Mario's portrait appeared in Link to the Past, and it's a known fact that Talon and Ingo are based on Mario and Luigi.

  • Vladislak

    Wait, wasn't the boomerang sold in a shop in Minish cap? Then you've also got things like shields and the shovel in Link's Awakening (as mentioned above), bottles, the all-night mask in Majora's mask, etc.

  • craZ

    WHAT'S UP, NABBIT! That is totally nabbit. Everyone knows it. Link knows it. Anouma knows it. I know it. Heck, even tetra knows it, and she's not even in this timeline!

  • craZ

    Or is that Piantissimo or something like that, the dude who challenges Mario to races all the time on Super Mario Sunshine?

  • J

    Anyone noticed that that’s the bunny guy from Spirit Tracks..?
    You know, the one looking after the rabbit habitat who rewards you for catching rabbits while riding around on the train..?

  • J

    Here’s the guy I’m talking about- http://zelda.wikia.com/wiki/Rabbitland_Rescue_Man

  • Matt

    I think these items all share something in common: the energy meter. This shop might make each item cost less energy to use. Hence his line about "items running out" and items that don't go away after use.

  • Groat

    Perhaps you are only allowed a few items on your person at one time which would make this place the hub to switch them out. I would venture to guess that, whatever the case ends up being, there will be some sort of stall on item availability in the form of either monetary barriers or hidden until found in a dungeon.

  • DarkLink1996

    Correct me if I'm wrong but is that the Whirlwind from ST? (3rd up on the left)

  • knil

    Its a theif store. Like in many zelda games a monster or character can steal one or all of your tools and have to pay an excessive price to get them back

  • Hylian Hero

    Maybe the shopkeeper looks kinda like Nabbit from smbU.

  • Kain

    Everyone is so focused on the shop, does anyone notice theres what seems to be a fairy type thing following link?

  • Andrew

    Looks like Purple version of the guy from Luigi U.

  • Jon

    It's Bunny Link from A Link to the Past!

    • heroofmask

      nah bunny link was shorter and more so white thisn guy looks like nabbit from super mario bros u

  • Wolf

    I’m thinking upgrade shop, like Skyward Sword

  • Davad

    They had the magic armor bought in Twilight Princess. The Bunny guy is probably a new character and I don't know what this shop is. He said it is an item shop though.

  • Vonter

    What is floating next to Link?

  • Ryano

    It's like the Curiosity Shop in MM. He's says the character is suspicious, so perhaps he's a thief selling back to Link items that were stolen from him. Kind of silly to make a big deal out of it….

  • Greenwind

    I say he's a thief..and will bump into you..what falls he'll take it to his shop, and you'll have to buy it… >:/….I already hate that character.. XD

    • Rikki

      I think this exactly!

  • Mickii

    Oh, this is so exciting I have nothing else to say!!

  • Amy

    The fairy looks like a blue bird. Instead of a talking hat, Midna, or fairies its a talking parrot now? They’ve changed the narrator several times. 🙂 Didn’t Aonuma say in a interview some time before SS was released that they were going to change how you get items? Like losing swords and open dungeons? I don’t think Aonuma would bring it up unless its something new. He is talking like its something special and something new! Maybe I can’t wait for the new game!

  • craZ

    whoah. That fairy looks like a mixture of fairy and some shape of a skull. You know, the ones cartoons always depict in deserts.

  • Trout

    As strange as it may sound, the room and art style almost gives me the impression that this is a specialty boss in one dungeon where you are stripped of your items and they are set “for sale” and the strange purple rabbit man is the dungeon master/boss