A Link Between Worlds Logo

Nintendo revealed new details about the upcoming 3DS game, A Link Between Worlds, earlier today in a Nintendo Direct presentation. Since E3, fans have been speculating about the game’s logo, featuring a black Triforce. Speculation has risen regarding whether or not it’s just an artistic cover, or if the “Dark Triforce” is an actual thing. Today, Satoru Iwata confirmed that this relic actually exists in a world different to Hyrule;  presumably the Dark World. Not only that, but according to a Miiverse post made by Eiji Aonuma right after the presentation, there’s an entire kingdom in this new world that most of the game will take place in. Link uses his new ability to turn into a drawing to travel between both worlds.


Is that Nabbit?

Furthermore, Aonuma posted a screenshot of an item store.   What’s peculiar here is that a large amount of Link’s inventory appears to be for sale, leaving us with the question of whether items will no longer be found in dungeons. Could this also mean that you can buy any item you want at any time and what does that mean for the linear (or perhaps non-linear?) progression of the game? We have a few answers to previous questions but we find ourselves with so many more.

You might also recognize the character we believe to be the shopkeeper. He kind of does look like Nabbit, the New Super Mario Bros. U character most recently featured as a playable character in New Super Luigi U. Given that this is the year of Luigi, it wouldn’t be a surprising cameo, but perhaps he is just the Dark World version of Tingle, demanding outrageous prices for his goods. The leftmost items in particular are interesting. What do you think they are?

Finally, a new piece of official art was released, and compared to the E3 artwork, we can see a few differences. Link looks a lot younger and more similar to the Link from Oracle of Seasons/Ages. There are also some minor tweaks to Link’s tunic equipment, such as the bracelet and shield.



If you didn’t have the chance to see Nintendo’s presentation, the relevant parts can be seen here:

Sources: Nintendo Direct, Miiverse