A Link Between Worlds Logo

Nintendo revealed new details about the upcoming 3DS game, A Link Between Worlds, earlier today in a Nintendo Direct presentation. Since E3, fans have been speculating about the game’s logo, featuring a black Triforce. Speculation has risen regarding whether or not it’s just an artistic cover, or if the “Dark Triforce” is an actual thing. Today, Satoru Iwata confirmed that this relic actually exists in a world different to Hyrule;  presumably the Dark World. Not only that, but according to a Miiverse post made by Eiji Aonuma right after the presentation, there’s an entire kingdom in this new world that most of the game will take place in. Link uses his new ability to turn into a drawing to travel between both worlds.


Is that Nabbit?

Furthermore, Aonuma posted a screenshot of an item store.   What’s peculiar here is that a large amount of Link’s inventory appears to be for sale, leaving us with the question of whether items will no longer be found in dungeons. Could this also mean that you can buy any item you want at any time and what does that mean for the linear (or perhaps non-linear?) progression of the game? We have a few answers to previous questions but we find ourselves with so many more.

You might also recognize the character we believe to be the shopkeeper. He kind of does look like Nabbit, the New Super Mario Bros. U character most recently featured as a playable character in New Super Luigi U. Given that this is the year of Luigi, it wouldn’t be a surprising cameo, but perhaps he is just the Dark World version of Tingle, demanding outrageous prices for his goods. The leftmost items in particular are interesting. What do you think they are?

Finally, a new piece of official art was released, and compared to the E3 artwork, we can see a few differences. Link looks a lot younger and more similar to the Link from Oracle of Seasons/Ages. There are also some minor tweaks to Link’s tunic equipment, such as the bracelet and shield.



If you didn’t have the chance to see Nintendo’s presentation, the relevant parts can be seen here:

Sources: Nintendo Direct, Miiverse
  • Love that Dark World remix!

  • rriillyy

    Why did he say that Ganon was sealed at the end of Alttp…. I killed him…. pretty well actually. Enough to let the me use the triforce… Ugh, other than that, I'm stoked about this game.

    • Vladislak

      Why did who say that? If you're talking about the old man in the video, it seems more likely he was talking about the events of ALTTP, with the evil wizard mentioned being Agahnim who removed the seal to release Ganon's evil on the world before Link slew him at the end.

      Yeah I'd be pretty miffed if they said I didn't kill Ganon at the end, seeing as he exploded and then the essence of the Triforce itself confirmed that he was "destroyed" not sealed away.

      • watties

        I sense a retcon. And I'm not happy about it. This game as a whole still looks incredible but Ganon is dead at the end of ALttP.

        • ijuinkun

          Maybe Ganondorf gets reincarnated through the ages like Link and Zelda do? Having no holder for the Triforce of Power would disrupt the cosmic balance just as much as the absence of the holder of the Triforce of Wisdom or Courage would.

      • Dust

        Yeah, all of that stuff was what made ALttP's story so impactful for the timeline, and so cool to look back on.

        If it gets dumped aside for a cheap retcon, I'm gonna be pretty sad.

    • Ganon Vader

      "sealed" is either a mistranslation or lack of knowledge about ALTTP.

  • Chuck

    Maybe your items are stolen from some race and you have to buy them back?

  • Craig

    It makes me think that all main items will be the same price at first and you decide to buy what you need, then go to any dungeon in any order. After, the prices could go up each time you need an item – making use of all the rupees in the game.

    • Triguy123

      That'd be fuuun :))

  • The Legend of Carlos

    Nintendo can still limit which items you can get right away. They already did it in OOT. In the young Link time you can see the Zora Tunic, Fire Tunic, Bow, etc for sale but are not able to buy them 'cause your wallet can't hold enough rupees to buy these

  • Vladislak

    Can't wait for this game, not sure if I like this whole dark Triforce thing but I trust Nintendo to do it right.

    As a side note, if the Triforce is power, wisdom and courage, does that make this new one of weakness, foolishness, and cowardice? lol.

    • Vonter

      So is it a negaverse of Hyrule? If so I want to fight evil Princess Zelda, ahem Queen Zelda I suppose. Also will there be a good version of Ganon?

    • CEObrainz

      However the Tri-force is neither good or bad right? So this D-Force could perhaps be made as a side effect from the events of the first game, or something like that. Otherwise wouldn't the existence of another super powerful Tri-force like object mess about with everything we know about Zelda.

      • Vonter

        I always thought the hollow upside down triangle was a hint to an evil part of the triforce. This might be like a dark reflection much like Shadow Link. Also I'm confused if the new world is the Golden Land or a totally different place.

        • ijuinkun

          It could also be an "opposite" Triforce, representing the anthesis of each of the regular Triforce parts, giving us something like a Dark Triforce of Ignorance (use enemies' ignorance against them), Dark Triforce of Fear (strike fear in your enemies), and Dark Triforce of Disempowerment (drain the power from other beings and into its user).

    • Dust

      I'm not sure I trust them to do it right these days. Compare Fi to Midna, etcetera.

      And given the current vibe they're going for with this game, the 'Dark Triforce' just feels corny rather than being some epic 'oh my god this is going to blow my mind' sort of thing.

      In a better world, I would have loved this idea. I guess we'll just have to see where it goes. :/

      • Vladislak

        I didn't think Fi was as bad as some people made her out to be. Granted Midna was a much better character with a lot more depth, but still.

        While I'll admit that some of the more recent Zelda games aren't as good as the classics, none of them were bad games either. Even if the game isn't phenomenal I still trust that Nintendo will make it entertaining in it's own way.

  • tyler

    The paper looks like a bombchu in the shop

  • Doc

    Why is there a Dark Triforce?

    Why is the Dark World back? It shouldn't exist after Ganon died at the end of ALTTP, because then the Sacred Realm came back

    Why does that shop have every dungeon item?



    • Zack

      They didn't say it was the dark world. It's "The Other World".

      • Dust

        That appears to be nothing more than a name change. They are identical in appearance. Feels odd for them to do that, if I'm honest.

    • Triguy123

      Well, I llliiike it. Especially Link being literally between worlds as a compressed traveler through space and time. The stained glass looking crack seems an epic trip! I stopped watching there.

      • Triguy123

        In fact, make an upcoming Zelda's artstyle completely stained glass! Keep Skyward Swords team; sharing the production with Baten Kaitos' artists!

  • Ragnell

    The gameplay seems to be fast-paced, I like it. But the thing I'm a little concerned about is its difficulty. It looks like the enemies don't put up much of a fight. Can't they block your attacks, even your full healthed sword beam? I wanna get my butt kicked on occasion or at least when fighting, take some damage and feel kind of panicked that I'm low on health. That's just me though. Perhaps some enemies should be immune to fire and ice magic. I have no doubt that they can make enemies smarter and tougher!

    The Oracle games had a nice difficulty, especially Seasons. The wizrobes made fun enemies to fight because of their teleporting and magic. Don't get me wrong, the game looks fantastic and I have 95% faith they'll make it great! And jeez, I said 'enemies' a lot lol.

  • craZ

    When I watched this Nintendo Direct and saw that there was a dark Triforce i was like '…………ok?" I hope they make it good.

  • heroofmask

    there prob isnt a dark triforce its just a mirroring the triforce becouse the other world is the mirror of hyrule just much darker remember theres only 3 godesses 1 weaker god then tiny demigods the black triforce is part of the art the link between two worlds so it shows the triforce connected to a mirrored black 1

  • Greenwind

    Shat my self…..my ears died and went to the Dark World….
    this music is…is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo……………..