Wind Waker HD

VG247 recently published a very sad news story that the Wii U’s sales are performing worse than ever, with only 160,000 units sold in the first fiscal quarter of this year. Also buried in Nintendo’s financial report, however, is even more potentially bad news.

“For incoming game releases in Japan, The Legend of Zelda Wii U is now pegged for an ‘Early 2014′”.

Now, whenever we see “Zelda Wii U”, our first reaction is to think of the new, original Wii U game that is currently in development. In which case, how is this “bad news”? Well, when you remember that we haven’t even seen a single screenshot of the new title nor heard any details about it, it’s incredibly unlikely that the game will release with such little time to show it off and make announcements–especially so soon after the releases of WWHD and ALBW.

Which leaves the only other possibility: the game referred to here is in fact Wind Waker HD, which is supposed to release this October. Unless there has been some kind of error in communication or other mistake, then this report possibly indicates that the game may be getting delayed a few months. Obviously we’re still labeling this as a rumour, and will keep you informed of any relevant updates.

Update: As expected, there has indeed been a mistake. VG247 mistakenly said “The Legend of Zelda Wii U” when they meant A Link Between Worlds. So it turns out the real news is that ALBW has been delayed to “Early 2014”, at least in Japan. The report (available to read here) also says that Zelda U is still penned as “TBD”, and WWHD is of course still set to release in October.

Source: VG247
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