Can’t wait until the fall for your next Zelda fix? Hyrule: Total War may be just the remedy. Sure, it’s not a “real” Zelda game, it’s actually a fan-made mod of Medieval 2: Total War.

Hyrule: Total War is a gritty take on the Zelda franchise. In this game, Link has traveled back in time, causing chaos throughout Hyrule. You, the player, choose what side to take, whether that be the Hylians, Gerudo, or even the Zoras. Think Axis and Allies, but in the Zelda universe. Armies of the various races can be commanded by the player. The overall outcome is determined by your choices throughout the game. If you wanted, you could have a land run by Gorons. No word on whether or not Tingle can be crowned King of Hyrule.

Characters from the different Zelda games make appearances in Hyrule: Total War. Demise and Majora’s Mask are much more intimidating than their Nintendo counterparts, and Fi is actually useful! Zelda can be found wielding swords in both child and adult form.

Chances are, we’ll probably never have a licensed Zelda game with the dark overtones of Hyrule: Total War, despite the demand from much of the fanbase. So if you’ve been hoping to play a more adult Zelda game, this is your chance. You can download the mod here.

Source: Mod DB
Via: Zelda Dungeon
  • Ben Jammin

    If you've ever played Medieval II: Total War, you'll know it's not as 'epic' as all that. The music makes it more so

    • rik209

      Well, there's a lot of epic music is in the mod. Besides, the mod has all kinds of magic projectiles, flying units, huge boss units and a story mode with all of these epic cutscenes, so I think it might be a lot more epic then normal Medieval II

  • JP

    I’ve been following this since its inception. Don’t let the fan made tag dissuade you, this is worthy of Nintendo licensing and all created by just one man. It’s definitely worth trying.

  • Saria'sVanguard

    Been following this since early alpha, it still has a way to go but even beta it's a lot of fun. Hyrule Total War has it's own board on the total war forums where updates are announced and the community hangs out asking questions and giving ideas or help. There are 19 playable factions (from the Hyrule, Gerudo, Kokiri, Gorons to the Labrynnians, Lizalfos, Stalfos and even the Fairies of Tarm) with 5 minor npc factions who might be willing to join your empire, and the Oocca kindof serving as Pope faction and Church of Majora serving as an anti-pope I guess. Join the fun and help make this an awesome mod! For the sake of Lady Saria I fight!

  • Echon

    I rather enjoyed the video.

  • Aveerage Joe

    Does this require medieval total war 2 to run?

    • Saria'sVanguard

      Yes, as well as the kingdoms expansion

  • nerdfan

    i used to have wet dreams about this sort of thing.

    ..and gee wiz, i gotta admit, seeing Majora like that is absolutely making me crave a MM sequel

  • rik209

    Oh, and how could I forget the unique custom settlements

  • Seshimaroo

    Holy crap… that. Was. Awesome! I really got to download this mod!