In a recent interview with CNET, Eiji Aonuma discussed what is on every Zelda fan’s mind—A Link to the Past 2. According to Aonuma, this sequel feels “different” than any Zelda predecessor.  While this statement was obviously vague in context, Aonuma stated that having a clean slate to work with on the 3DS provided inspiration for the title. This translates to the game’s visual depth that is only achievable on the 3DS; moreover, Aonuma assured readers that no matter if they play with the 3D on or off, they can still enjoy the game.

Aonuma also discussed the story behind Link transforming into a 2D figure and scaling along walls. In Ocarina of Time during the Forrest Temple boss battle, Phantom Ganon has the ability to leap in and out of paintings on the wall. Aonuma liked this idea and questioned, “What if Link could have the same power?” The player taking on the role of an artist using the stylus is also a possibility brought up by CNET.

Finally, Aonuma explained that this entry into the series was the perfect way to revisit the world in the original A Link to the Past and confirmed this sequel will contain both a light and dark world.

Source: CNET (via GoNintendo)