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You may remember the report we posted a while back concerning the production of a fan documentary about the Legend of Zelda series. Joe Granato, the man behind this project, has now started the Kickstarter campaign as of yesterday. With a goal of fifty thousand dollars, this fundraiser will run through the first of June. As a part of the campaign, Joe has released a much longer trailer, compared to the three second trailer we saw last time, to whet your appetite. Read on to view the video and additional information!

I have to say, this trailer looks really spiffy! If all of this came to fruition, it would be an incredible experience for Zelda fans everywhere. If you head on over to the Kickstarter page, you can donate to help make this project a reality! To receive a copy of the movie upon completion, a minimum of $25 dollars is required. Also on the Kickstarter page are two FAQ’s that deal with Blu-ray copies and the legal ramifications of this project.

Source: Kickstarter
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    • mark

      How do we donate?

      • X_factor

        Kickstarter page, duh. Kinda self explanatory.

        • mark

          I only read halfway down before I asked, but thanks for replying anyway.

  • Loco4Loki

    And this is why The Legend of Zelda is the best gaming series ever

  • Majora's Incarnation

    Grant Duffrin is in it?! DAMN IT I'M DONATING!

  • Miyamoto mentioned that the length of the crane on the King of Red Lions is shorter, thus decreasing the time spent searching for undersea treasure chests.