Just when you thought you couldn’t get anymore disturbed by a Majora’s Mask horror story, Nicolas Cage arrives on the scene to make you quiver in fear. With his face filling every living and nonliving being of Termina, this Nicolas Cage texture pack takes the game’s dark and malicious tones and transforms them into a disturbing Cage experience.

Known as “The Legend of Cage: Beneath the Mask”, this texture pack was created by YouTuber Criken who spent months of uncomfortable work to create a finished product. While the mod hasn’t been developed into an easily playable version, the video showcases the majority of Cage’s influence.

Everything from Tatl and Tael to Epona’s face have Cage’s likeness merged into their own; even the moon has been Cage-ified. Furthermore, there are a few instances of Nicolas Cage voice acting. There is just no avoiding Cage in this mod. Although it may be disturbing to some, others may find this experience comical.

Enjoy thirteen minutes of life changing footage:

Source: YouTube (via Kotaku)
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