Just when you thought you couldn’t get anymore disturbed by a Majora’s Mask horror story, Nicolas Cage arrives on the scene to make you quiver in fear. With his face filling every living and nonliving being of Termina, this Nicolas Cage texture pack takes the game’s dark and malicious tones and transforms them into a disturbing Cage experience.

Known as “The Legend of Cage: Beneath the Mask”, this texture pack was created by YouTuber Criken who spent months of uncomfortable work to create a finished product. While the mod hasn’t been developed into an easily playable version, the video showcases the majority of Cage’s influence.

Everything from Tatl and Tael to Epona’s face have Cage’s likeness merged into their own; even the moon has been Cage-ified. Furthermore, there are a few instances of Nicolas Cage voice acting. There is just no avoiding Cage in this mod. Although it may be disturbing to some, others may find this experience comical.

Enjoy thirteen minutes of life changing footage:

Source: YouTube (via Kotaku)
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  • boomer30569

    As if the N64 era Great Fairies weren't nightmare inducing enough as is.

    • someguy


  • Jon

    I… hate… nicholas…. cage…

  • Joordy

    HAHAHAHAH Very very intresting on;ly though i dont get why someone would even take the time to do that but its funny. also the other textures that were upgraded were awesome 😛

  • cheep

    Awesome! One of the best actors of all time mixed with one of the best games of all time!

  • Dude i didnt think that some of the stuff in majoras mask could creep me out more. Looks like im gonna have nightmares for the next oh twenty years or so O.o

  • izurakiH

    Woah…. I won’t look at that game in the same way anymore… I don’t even think I want to play that game anymore either… .___.

  • Sarinilli

    This is the first time in my life I haven't cringed looking at Tingle. He actually looks LOADS better with Cage's face.

  • you bastards,

    you just had to go ahead and do it to Link too :{

  • gravyfan

    My life is changed.

  • Goron

    lol 5:15

  • Loco4Loki

    That's ok, I didn't need to sleep anyways

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  • Faith

    Reminds me of those sphyinxes from Mirrormask!

  • Baton

    You know, everyone likes to talk about how creepy Majora's Mask is. Yet I remember it being very light-hearted and happy. Well, then again people didn't start talking about Majora's Mask this way till about 10 years ago when all this anime stuff became super popular. Funny…

    • santi

      since the first time i played majora's i thought it had a dark feel into it….but not creepy, always loved it, but my friends didnt like it at all…i was 10 at the time

  • Destiny

    Epona what have they done to you! Poor horse…

  • Mickii

    My stomach was hurting I was laughing so hard.

  • Herp derp


  • Criken Fan

    He had help from co-modder, Shayne Hawke. It wasn't a solo project, damnit.

  • Aurelia


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