After the Nintendo Direct tonight, we have lots of spoilers to be elaborated upon at E3. With new controllers, online capabilities, and augmented realities, we have a lot to tell. And E3 has yet to officially start.

Hit the jump to see what Nintendo has brought us.

The first bit of news we have confirms the change in the Wii U tablet controller. The name is confirmed as the Wii U GamePad. Its changes can be seen in the picture below, but what can’t be seen is the clickable analogue sticks and the NFC trigger button which are now included.

In addition to this is the whole new controller: the Wii U Pro Controller. It is the same controller style as the GamePad, but without the screen in the middle. it is supposed to be a comfortable fit to the hand. The analogue sticks are clickable and it has a home button for navigation. It appears that four can be hooked up to one Wii U, so these may be very important with the Wii U release.

In addition to the new controllers, the Wii U functions as a TV Remote, may come in black, has a new and interactive hub, contains in-game help, includes in-game chat, introduces Miiverse, and has an Internet Browser which works on both tablet and TV. Below is the full presentation by Nintendo.

So, are you impressed with the pre-E3 news Nintendo has given us? Does it excite you even more for the Wii U? Tell us in the comments below.

Source: Nintendo