After the Nintendo Direct tonight, we have lots of spoilers to be elaborated upon at E3. With new controllers, online capabilities, and augmented realities, we have a lot to tell. And E3 has yet to officially start.

Hit the jump to see what Nintendo has brought us.

The first bit of news we have confirms the change in the Wii U tablet controller. The name is confirmed as the Wii U GamePad. Its changes can be seen in the picture below, but what can’t be seen is the clickable analogue sticks and the NFC trigger button which are now included.

In addition to this is the whole new controller: the Wii U Pro Controller. It is the same controller style as the GamePad, but without the screen in the middle. it is supposed to be a comfortable fit to the hand. The analogue sticks are clickable and it has a home button for navigation. It appears that four can be hooked up to one Wii U, so these may be very important with the Wii U release.

In addition to the new controllers, the Wii U functions as a TV Remote, may come in black, has a new and interactive hub, contains in-game help, includes in-game chat, introduces Miiverse, and has an Internet Browser which works on both tablet and TV. Below is the full presentation by Nintendo.

So, are you impressed with the pre-E3 news Nintendo has given us? Does it excite you even more for the Wii U? Tell us in the comments below.

Source: Nintendo

  • Heriod77777

    Someone says something about Darknuts. Is this a hint to the difficulty of enemies in the next Zelda game? I hope so.

  • zelda4ever

    You know what would have been a good name? The Wii Unique.

    • Emma

      Maybe that's what it stands for. :3

      • Anon

        Or maybe the U stands for "you" as Wii stands for "we", since wii focused more in togetherness and the WiiU controller is only one, so you, and you alone, can play with it… Or not, i don't know.

        • You know that's one of the most logical things I've heard regarding the console name. It actually makes a lot of sense, too. But who really knows..hmm?

  • Alex

    i have seen that pro controller somewere

  • TheLostLink1020

    Community without friend codes? Sold! Well, not completely. This all seems interesting but I'd like to see proof that these ideas really do enhance the use of the system.

  • Jon

    The problem that I see with "everyone who speaks my language" showing up on the menu is that gamers aren't exactly the most respectful of people, and so I can only imagine my screen filled with not necessarily appropriate doodles, and vulgarity. I don't necessarily object, but if you're trying to sell a console to everyone, you need to lay down some explanation as to how you're going to avoid that. Otherwise, I'm fully anticipating my adventures with Non-Specific Action Hero in HD.

  • Craig

    @altidefan – No offence but you're not very good at phrasing in your articles… You say things in such a way that they give off the wrong idea, which isn't good when you're reporting news. You basically just said that the controller IS the Wii U, when it's just the Wii U GamePad.

  • PeacefullyCrazy

    I don't know, really. I still have my doubts about it.

  • !CJ!

    well is cirtainly is "unique" the comercial I mean.
    his speach is just a bit choppy, but I suppose it helps us understand what he's saying a bit more when he paces himself like that.
    I've never been much of one for "multiplayer" games, or "comeing together" with others, but I'll agree that this is beginning to sound like a really cool way of doing that. I can imagine now that in the future me and my friends all have WIIUs, or they've gatherd at the house of one of my friends who does have a WiiU. and we're video chating and hanging out, haveing a good time, for miles away. I can have all my friends over to my house to have fun and hang out with the click of a button. no need to set up a time and place to meet, and all these little preparations. then pick them up to drive or lead them to my house or readying my house and setting out food, what ever it is we'll be doing. just maybe call and ask if they want to meet, turn on the WiiU and it's done!
    sounds cool to me 🙂 .

  • The Banker's Nephew

    Yeah, my one concern is that we're going to wind up with screens full of crude drawings of genitalia and speech bubbles full of profanity.
    I assume Nintendo has some sort of filtering system in place for this, and presumably parents can turn it off for younger users just in case.
    I'm also really glad to see they're not just abandoning the so-called casual user, and are trying to make this a console for everybody. I thought they did exactly that with the Wii, but hopefully this one will convince others of that.

  • Sahasrala!

    I was so excited until they showed that awful commercial! He brought me back though. Glad to see nintendo realized that microsoft totally mastered the controller setup! I'm a bit worried about a,b,x & y being beneath the analogue sticks though.

  • Malisa

    Also heard they're going to have a TV remote feature integrated?<img src=> <img src=>

  • Zelda&Mario Fan_3607

    9:37 Anyone else think of Hikaru no Go?

    Also, now I'm even MORE excited for E3!