During the last generation of console releases, many fans camped out at their local electronics store, anxiously awaiting to see if they would receive a ticket that would allow them to purchase a Wii. Without the option of preordering, fans had to outlast the elements of the sidewalk; however, with the Wii U, Best Buy will be taking preorders. As of now, the service is not available, but you can enter your email address to be promptly notified by Best Buy when the program starts.

You may do so here.

Source: Best Buy (via My Nintendo News)

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  • ThomasG

    With the limited interest in console gaming these day, you won't have any trouble buying a Wii U.

  • Keimori

    Wait? People couldn't preorder a wii? I preordered my will way before it's launch, i stood in the oddly short preorder line one that cold november morning, and sortta felt bad for all the folks in line.

    I geuss i'll pre order a WiiU when the time comes.

    BTW, dose this confirm Wii U as the name of the thing?

    • Shawn

      HA! you said you preordered your WILL

  • Gwydion

    Personally, I thought the camping out bit was the most fun, lol. I had a great time hanging out with my brother, despite the freezing cold temperatures. Nice to have the option though.

  • lulless

    I wonder if GameStop will take pre-orders too.