Game Theory

[Written by David H.]

Have you ever wondered whether the various items that Link obtains in The Legend of Zelda series exist in real life? Common quest goodies come to mind: potions to refill life or increase stamina, the hookshot to transport the player short distances, and the power band to grant a person incredible strength. In a recent Game Theory from ScrewAttack, Matthew Patrick tries to appease (some of) those very curiosities.

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MatPat (as he is known on ScrewAttack) tries to find real life examples of the blue healing potion which appears in many Zelda games, the green stamina potion which is found in the recent Skyward Sword, and the power bracelet, another recurring item from The Legend of Zelda series.

Matthew first finds a real life “similar” to these Zelda items and then goes into detail describing why or why not the real life versions achieve the same thing that the in-game items do. After he evaluates the items, he finishes with a conclusion that not only contradicts with the initial impressions shown in the first part of the video, but also provides an interesting insight into the Zelda franchise. Additionally, Matthew details his own theory about the link between the game and the real world.

Matthew also states towards the beginning of the video that more Zelda theories are to come, so look forward to those!

Source: ScrewAttack