We weren’t aware that Hyrule had a food channel, but apparently it does. And you just know the culinary lesson is going to be great when it begins with “Have you ever been so hungry you could eat an Octorok?”

VIGIDEN’s domestic goddess hostess Connie Goodwife teaches you all you need to know to serve up this delicious dish!

View the video after the jump!

Source: ScrewAttack (via GoNintendo)


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  • Zeldah

    Wow, it bakes for three days?

  • carrrn


  • Gengyo

    It's been 24 hours and I still haven't received an email for to confirm my account…

  • AberrantBliss

    She is…quite…creepy. O_O Poor Navi 🙁

  • Ashmic

    i think the Blond is beautiful

  • ijuin

    Cook at gas mark 14? What's the equivalent temperature on a non-gas oven?

    • lootic

      Where did you get the octorock?

      • not lootic

        Muffin button?

  • Keimori

    Wait…that was just the normal Song of Time, that means it wasn't cooked for 3 days, but reather it was cooked and served 3 days ago.


    Love the references.


    Be a vegetarian-Zelda style.

  • badwolf16

    was it just me, or was that "octorock" rather disgusting?

  • Witchking

    The fairy bit creeped me out and made me mad… Who in their right mind would kill a fairy for that? It's just plain immoral… but I suppose that's just my protective side kicking in.

  • clubchloe1

    That girl REALLY creeps me out…Poor Navi, but I think she got annoyed a lot and that's why she killed Navi O_o (Navi is a little bit annoying even though I HATED the owl more)