A tumblr called “Frack Yeah Hyrule” (not really, try a similar word) posted a neat shirt yesterday (at least in our opinion) with the caption “Dodongo dislikes smoke.” This shirt aims to be a part of the Truth anti-smoking campaign. You can buy this and other shirts similar to the one above at “Much Needed Merch.”  These can range anywhere from a fairly cheap $15 US to the extra pricey $50 US.

Take a look at some of their other Zelda shirts and hoodies after the jump!

Sources:  Much Needed Merch (via Frack Yeah Hyrule)

  • X_factor

    OH! I want the Skyloft one!!! The Goron shirt looks good too.

  • Ella (ZeldaMaster98)

    What is the hoodie one supposed to be??

    • ijuin

      The hoodie is supposed to look like Link's lobster shirt from Wind Waker.

  • NobleRath


    • flipwat

      Nuhuh, my gaggy gave this to mua o.o

  • Me

    They look good, but I'm having trouble figuring out the shirt on the bottom right. Does anyone no what it's supposed to be; it looks familiar.

    • Ella

      Its the back to the shirt on the left of it, it’s the back of a…. Uhh mental blank. The forest creatures in Skyward Sword. But I just forgot their name!!

    • Nafi

      Does anyone else think that part of the shirt looks like something… Inappropriate for t-shirt wear?

      • cloverplayer

        Nope ;D

  • Ashmic

    Dodongo says only you can prevent forest fires

  • Gwydion

    I so want one of those Dodongo shirts! <3

  • Lilly

    I'm digging that WW hoodie 🙂

    • Zxz

      Same Here!

  • ???

    I need these shirts…They must be mine…. Don't worry, I'll share!

  • ???

    Oh and Hoodies too.