Well, the fans have done it again! Recently a Zelda fan by the name of Davish G. Alvarez has uploaded a video on his YouTube channel showing Zelda music in its full, original glory and after each one, they show a metal cover! It covers five Zelda songs ranging from the NES to the Nintendo 64, including “Original Prelude (Overworld theme)”, “Dark World”, “Kakariko Village”, “Saria’s Song”, and the “Dungeon Theme.”

View the video after the jump!

Source: YouTube

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  • jmoods

    These guys play well, and this is one of the best collection of metal remixes I've heard for Zelda music (out of the thousands of crappy ones out there).

    Kinda irks me though. Kakariko village is meant to set a mood of tranquility and quaintness. Saria's song is supposed to be curious and playful. The dark world theme is meant to be spooky and give a sense of peril. This is just, "hey, let's play Zelda on electric guitar because electric guitar is awesome". It's been done.

    • aeolus

      If everyone always tried to keep the original feel of the songs there wouldn't be any variety, not that making everything into a metal cover is variety…. but its ok to take a theme somewhere else, that's the point of remaking it.

  • Casual Vader

    Did it annoy anyone else that the pictures for the first song (which is the title theme of The Legend of Zelda) were mostly Adventure of Link artwork and screenshots? And then that the pictures for the last song (the temple theme from Adventure of Link) were mostly screenshots of The Legend of Zelda dungeons?

    No? Just me? Ok.

  • MDH

    They did not use Ganon's Theme or the Song of Storms… now those are songs that are mucb better suited for metal covers.

  • aeolus

    waaaaaaaaaaaay too many metal covers

  • HylianWarrior

    You should definitely check out Artificial Fear on YouTube. He's got some incredibly well-done covers on there. http://www.youtube.com/artificialfear/