Choose Your Weapon

Threadless Tees offers people the opportunity to get their designs turned into actual tee shirts for purchase, so long as enough people vote for them. Zelda fan quick-brown-fox has designed a tee shirt called “It’s Dangerous To Go Alone!” featuring stylized depictions of various Zelda weapons and items.

Do you like the design? If it gets enough “5” votes it will become available for purchase. quick-brown-fox may even offer one up as a prize to one lucky voter. He already has the support of rapagedreality, some deviantART Zelda groups, and some tumblr groups. Maybe we can give it enough of a push to get it made. Vote for it here.

Source: Threadless

  • Thanks for mentioning my design!!!

    • angelink

      Haha good job man, is there a limited number of colors you can use? I know in 6dollarshirts you can only have 2 colors.

      • Thanks! They screen print up to 6 colours I think. Once it's over that they use a method called "simulated process" which is some technical magic that can print full colour.

  • Ned


  • You're an idiot

    • oni link not Thareous!

  • Zachattack8888

    II think it's pretty cool. I'd wear it.

  • Guest

    Unless someone else has already mentioned it, someone might want to fix the Music Monday: Lanayru Mining Facility link.

  • It's amazing how a simple image can evoke such MASSIVE feelings of nostalgia. When I saw that Deku stick, I was instantly taken back to playing OoT with my younger brother when we were both younger…

  • Doctor You .
    You know i play the legend of Zelda on gamecube (wii optional) or on pc (Needs a emulator.)
    So you can enjoy your favorite 64 games on pc (There's not much 64 games on gamecube…)

    • I know, but I wasn't referring to the games themselves, but the experience of sharing them with another (namely, my brother).

      I can still play the games, of course (and I still do, haha), but I miss those lazy summer days when my brother and I were both young and just spent all day exploring Hyrule together. Now I'm out on my own and he's a teenager–we still have great times together, definitely, but, man, NOSTALGIA RUSH. ^_^

    • No Ma'am


      Learn grammar, you Tweeter freak.

  • What's up with lifeless trolls trying to affront something about everyone else here is amazed by? They're getting old. All pretty much the same…tiresome.

    Watch your mouth. XP

    • Oni Link

      I'm not a troll I'm an artist. This shirt isn't unique at all. It's boring.

  • Harrison Garrett

    I like it, but am I the only one bothered by the ball and chain? Everything EXCEPT that is from OoT. maybe I'm just being OCD but maybe we could use the hookshot or something more consistant? Not trying to dog on the design, just a suggestion. Good job!

    • Oni Link

      See? It seems like the person threw it together too fast. If it was thought through maybe the choice of item would have changed.

      • trinity waffles

        It's nice and simple, but effective, and QBF did a great job. It's not boring.
        I understand if that's your opinion, but everyone has different styles. Detailed or simple, art is still art.

  • How do you know what the hell I thought?
    I sat on this for a week before I did anything. Then I spent most of a day drawing and redrawing the items, then arranging them in a way I was happy with, then drawing and redrawing the type.
    Deku nuts are OOT, MM, TP, Deku Sticks OOT, MM, The Bow a million Zelda Games.
    The ball and chain happens to be a fave moment for me, so I put it in there. I tried to get the hookshot in but it looked awful, by my own admission.

    Fair enough, if you don't like it, go and give it a zero. But please don't tell me what I thought, and how I did it. Lets see your great art. You may think it's boring, but it has nearly 2000 notes on tumblr, and over 60 favourites on deviant art. There are plenty of people who don't share your views.