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First we had the fairy who constant wanted us to listen, now more recently we had the calculating spirit always stating the obvious. Dorkly Comics offers up their take on the companions we’ve never seen. And I have to say, I’d take Fi or Navi over this lot any day.

Rejected Zelda Companions


Source: Dorkly


  • "Have I ever told you what 'Kooloo-Limpah' means?"

    I wouldn't want to know either.

  • I lol'd at Gamefaqs. xD

  • Zachattack8888

    Guardsworth was my favorite. This was an absolutely brilliant idea. Got a few good laughs while reading! 😀

  • GorCoronSumo

    Why do I picture Girahim wearing Razzl and Dazzl?

    • CrankyStalfos

      This is my new head-canon.

    • Mrgaful

      cuz he's fabulous!

  • SpaGheTTi

    Stalfos would be a hilarious companion ^^

  • that guy

    they do realize that the triple fairy or "trivi" has already been done, right?

  • X-factor

    Tingle made Link Talk!!!!

  • ChainofTermina

    That last one seemed pretty helpful.

  • LastCenturion

    lol! This is hilarious. They all cracked me up, except for the shoes.