Zelda 3DS rumor fake

As we predicted, the rumor was quickly dispelled. You won’t be seeing The Legend of Zelda: Fire Prophecy nor The Legend of Zelda: Ice Prophecy on your 3DS anytime soon (and with titles like those, thank heavens).

GlitterBerri, renown for her fan translations of Hyrule Historia and other Japanese-only Zelda goodies, had a look at the supposed Zelda titles image and noticed some very interesting errors, which she just shared with us.

“The problems with the titles are…
-Using を instead of の, which renders it completely nonsensical
-Writing ‘fire’ in kanji and ‘ice’ in katakana makes the titles inconsistent. They should either write both in katakana or both in kanji.”

Of course, with the image originating from 4chan, the fact that the titles were nowhere near as evocative as those Nintendo usually dreams up, and the fact the image itself was more generic than a typical Zelda logo, we had our doubts.

So with this finally cleared up, what are you hoping the real 3DS game will be like? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: GlitterBerri

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  • Sean Caudill

    All I want is Toon Link.

    Also, I need to talk to you guys more.

    • Gerudude

      …not if it's about a toon Link.

  • Alex Delderfield

    "the image originating from 4chan"

    And so, why did we see so many articles and posts about it from almost every Zelda site??? *sigh

    • superwavebeam

      Because as Zelda sites, it's their job to inform people about everything Zelda-related? Because. Yyyyy'know. They're Zelda sites.

      • Alex Delderfield

        Yeh, but when its a rumour from 4chan it should be automatically ignored. Its not worth the time and effort really, for something which is clearly fake.
        Its just rewarding the trolls that started it.

        • bastian

          Truth has come from 4Chan before. However, we would never report on it if it was just something someone sent in from 4Chan. We reported on it because it was picked up by ScrewAttack and we wanted to let everyone know it was just a rumor. Which is why we used the word "rumor" several times in our original article. 😀

  • Zachattack8888

    Yeah, I figured they were fake… the titles were very… blah and from 4chan… a little too iffy lol. Kinda happy they're not the new games. I would love for Nintendo to do the whole dual/twin games like the Oracle games though!

  • Joey

    eh, just looking at the graphic design alone you can tell it's fake, the space(or lack there of) between the zelda logo and the katakana is atrocious, it looks like the typed it into like google translate or something and pasted it in photoshop added a quick gradient and a white outline…….

  • Not surprising considering that the logos were designed during the supposed first stages of development. I hope we do see a dual release like this later, though.

  • Carty

    I thought these would turn out to be fake, but I kind of hoped not so that we could get two zelda games. Maybe one day we will again.

  • anonymus

    NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! At least i had a RUMOR to hold on to (even if i did think it ould come out fake) until E3 but now it is gone. it was a good idea to release another dual zelda game.

  • Ashmic

    glad they reminded me of Pokemon red and blue lol

  • Keimori

    Well, saw that one coming, eh?

    Here’s hoping something more legit comes our way in the near future, I'd love to see the game make better use of the 3D than OoT 3D did.
    I understand why OoT 3D didn't, it's not like the game was designed for the 3DS like a new game would, but it would be nice if it worked better. (I spent most of my time playing it in 2d mode.) But if Super Mario 3D land proved anything it’s that the 3D Effect can really enhance the gameplay, and as such, I'd love to see the new 3DS Zelda utilize 3D effect as a puzzle element somehow, like maybe a whole dungeon that physically changes based on the amount of 3D there is.

    Also, much like Zelda in ST, I'd love for your companion in the game to have a more active role beyond advice giving.

    Oooh! And bring back the figurine gallery, that'd be awesome in 3D. 😀

  • Sage of Hyrule

    Darn… I'm not disappointed that the titles/etc. are fake; rather I was kind of excited about the idea of two Zelda titles that coincided like OoA/OoS were. That was pretty cool. And I was thinking the connectivity with the 3DS would be a lot more simple with the wi-fi. Other than that I'm relieved that the lame titles aren't real 😛

  • Gerudude

    Well, THANK GOD. And thank God for Glitterberri.

  • Goron

    I knew it was fake. Legend of zelda games never have that boring of a title.

  • Baker1000

    Let's face it, those were never going to be the final titles. It sounded more like rough translations, and the final titles would have been changed for the Western releases. But "Prophecy of Fire/Ice" would have been better.

  • ChainofTermina

    I didn't even know this was a thing. Like, I've never even heard of this dual release zelda game rumor in the first place. when did this happen?

  • i8oprah


  • ZeldaLover

    these would make a nice throw pillow but other than that…not really….
    these titles look way to final fantasy… like with a meteor in the background nintendo pours the games theme and story into the title design i would be more propt to believe that it was a true rumor…. i would belive more if it had link in the backdrop with the new weapons and a featuring of the ever changing zelda style

  • Disciple of Midna

    Well yeah, there were a few of us *here* who pointed out all of that.

  • Linky

    I believe Aonuma confirmed they are working on a 3DS exclusive title, dropping a hint saying "It will be a game in which having 3D will mean something"

  • Why you ask my name?

    A link between worlds,thats the new zelda for 3DS.