Imagine a Zelda game in full HD playing straight from your TV. This is one of the scenes that Nintendo showcased at E3 2011.

IGN has an article describing the paths that Nintendo can take with the “Future of Zelda.” It hits on the future of 3DS Zelda, HD Zelda, and remakes of classic Zelda games.

In addition, there is a poll at the bottom of the article were you can vote for which Zelda you want to play next. The full article can be found here.

Source:  IGN

  • Disciple of Midna

    Just as long as people don't hype it to the point of Twilight Princess again… I don't think anyone wants a repeat performance of that backlash….

  • HylianWarrior

    People have been using this clip as an example too much. It's not necessarily going to be like this. It was an EXAMPLE – not a guaranteed "future of Zelda".

  • Aaron

    the nest zelda game may not be like this. Look at skyward sword it was going to look like twilight princess at first but they changed the graphics. this could also happen to the new zelda games too.

  • Mena k.o.

    One – SPIDEY!!! *squeals and runs to hug*

    Two – anyway you look at it…new zelda. Yay!!

  • This is a graphical demo showcasing what zelda is capable of looking like on the Wii U. Said game engine is guaranteed to shine. Nintendo is known for using every single piece of their hardware past the imagined limits; see: Super Mario Galaxy

    Zelda is known for being excellent quality compared to most other games, and I guarantee that the team's magic hasn't faded. Please refrain from obnoxious angst against the actions carried by Nintendo. Zelda is fragile and they keep that in mind with every single brick they build.

  • X-factor

    I completely agree that this scene was only a tech demo of what a HD Zelda "could" be, but if it might look something like this, why should we expect anything less? Nintendo has made it abundantly clear that the Wii U has much more graphical ability than the Wii, So why wouldn't the next Zelda, whether HD or not, have realistic graphics similar to Twilight Princess?

  • X4Dennis24

    Does anyone else think that this tech demo is actually secretly a clip from the next Zelda that they are working on?

    • ijuin

      I doubt it–it's not any more representative of the WiiU Zelda game than the Spaceworld2000 demo was representative of Twilight Princess. However, I would like to see a game with such an art style come out.

      • mcdude910

        Rather, the Spaceworld 200 to Wind Waker.

  • Agentbarto

    I'm a fan of the day/night cycle switching at your will.


    LMFAO @ IGN…. A HD COLLECTOR"S GAME—–sounds like God of War/ Halo ……this WOULD BE the recipe for ps3 or xbox…

    IGN stay away from have no clue what your dealing with..

    .IGN rips nintendo till they smell HD, once they smell it, they want everything to do with Nintendo


    why would you even post this…[email protected] IGN…they dog Nintendo…If your so loyal to Nintendo you wouldn't support IGN

  • Pharamos

    I don't know if It's in this version, but i was watching someone talk about the tech demo, and I noticed in the corner that he had 206 rupees. A small observation, but that's a pretty random number of rupees to have. Perhaps a clue that this is a game in the making?

  • heroofmasks

    this is justthe tech demo at last e3 to show off how good the graphics on the wiiu would be

  • danish yaqoob

    zelda wii u will be sequel similar twilight princess please would like zelda wii u zelda twilight princess 2 please tell let me knows me please i had talk with zelda fans about zelda wii u would like sequel to twilight princess

  • GregoryThe2nd

    You guys should already know this, Every time they release some realistic zelda stuff they change to a different style, They did this with both Wind Waker & Skyward, besides, what do graphics matter anyway?, Zelda games on the consoles NEVER disappoint.

  • HylianWarrior

    "…but there was a catch. Aonuma-san made it perfectly clear that the demo was just a proof of concept, and it was neither a game that was in development nor was it necessarily an indication of what HD Zelda will actually be like. " ~IGN Article

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