For those Zelda gamers out there who love to think that Nintendo actually does have this rich history behind the land of Hyrule and that all of the games are deeply interconnected, then Hyrule Historia is the gift that keeps on giving.  While most of the Japanese Zelda fans will have already probed the vast tome of Zelda information already, we English-speakers are having a slower time of it as each page is painstakingly translated for us by fans.

And with the official timeline already revealed, some thought that that was all there was to be revealed.  Not so!  Zelda Universe forum member The Baton of the Wind revealed last night a connection between Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess that many theorists had been debating over for quite some time.  However, now we can easily say with certainty that the Hero’s Shade from Twilight Princess is indeed OoT’s very own Hero of Time.

From Hyrule Historia, the text reads:

When Link first set foot in the Twilight, the crest of the Triforce of Courage shined on the back of his hand; when he returned to human-form he wore clothes the hero wore. Link is taught mysteries from the ghost of the hero of time. Since he returned to his childhood, he’d felt regret that he would leave his name as hero. Therefore, the “son” of Link speaks proof of the courage he inheirited mysteriously.

Looking back on it, the connection does seem pretty clear, though everything always seems 20/20 when you already know the answer.  However, when you stop and think about the fact that Twilight Princess exists the only timeline in which the Hero of  Time actually survives and exists makes it pretty clear that Miyamoto and Aonuma must have been doing some conspiring here all along to help tell a more cohesive Zelda timeline, even if all of the details weren’t actually revealed in-game but merely hinted at.

What other little secrets will we discover in this book?  It certainly makes me hungry for an official translation!

Source: Zelda Universe forums
  • I expected it =P

  • ha! I was right!

  • I admit, I had a fair amount of doubts because of what Demise said about Link's Spirit, but it's nice to have 100% confirmation.

    • Soulless Creature

      The ghost could have been a memory like Spoilers; Tom Riddle in Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets.

      • Tingle tingle kooloh limpa

        Double spoilers
        No it wasn’t. It was an eighth (seventh?) of Riddle’s soul.

        • ChainofTermina


          • Horcrux

            Technically it was a seventh. Nagini wasn't a Horcrux until just before Goblet of Fire, by which time the diary had been long destroyed. The only time seven Horcruxes existed at the same time was the brief year or so that Quirrell acted as a temporary Horcrux.
            … I wouldn't be so overly nerdy on all this if I hadn't happened to be rereading the books recently.
            Aaaaaaaaanyway, yeah. Zelda.

    • Craig

      Demise was actually referring not to Link's spirit specifically but the force that Hylia created… The Spirit of the Hero is an entity that finds someone to take as it's host, someone who is destined to be a hero. That's how Link, although born hundreds of years later, possesses it. It seems like Link's spirit represents a lone wolf, that's why he and the Hero's Shade in Twilight Princess take that form… Just the same as how Ganondorf takes the form of a pig, full of greed, big and bold.

      • somecrazyguy

        whoa, i like that.

    • somecrazyguy

      i think that when demise talks about the spirit of the hero, he isnt talking about reincarnation. i used to think that link reincarnated, but i dont think he does anymore (other then maybe windwaker link) i feel like… the spirit of the hero isnt one spirit of one person reincarnating again and again, but rather that there are people born who have the same type of spirit that the original link from SS had.

  • Erebea


  • MetalShadow

    I always suspected…
    So does that mean the Hero's Shade's weapons are indeed the Gilded Sword and Mirror Shield from Majora's Mask? It would make sense…

    • Metropolis99

      Probably not, actually, since OoT Link would have outgrown those weapons in just a few years, and the Hero's Shade's weapons are quite a bit larger than child-sized weaponry.

      • heroofmasks

        pluse the sword doesnt even look like the ful gilded sword mostly the handle and the blades a bit long

    • cresent soul

      I think those a weopeons he would have gotten in an adventure post-MM, but maybe it could be those same weopons. Depends what nintendo does in the future, but I do really want a game set in a new world after MM.

      • heroofmasks

        he could prob have smithing thegilded sword as he grew up and as he died the goddess put in in a sort of stalfos form so he can teach the next hero

  • Triforce Of Insanity

    I made that guess the first time I played TP. I'm happy to say I guessed right. 😀

    Btw, that's the deal with Link's shield in the picture up there? He's on the right, riding a horse, and holding a strange shield with a gold rim and an upside-down Triforce emblem on it. O_o

    • themisssinglink

      That's unused concept art that Hyrule Historia provided for OoT.

    • Nintendo lover

      Did you see his sword? it's blue…like the master sword in LttP 😀

  • alilinsane

    I love this. Even though I can't speak/write/read japanese, I still bought the Hyrule Historia. It'd be great to have a translator to read me all this rich text that's in here.. but for now I'm admiring all the artwork until an English version comes out.

    • cresent soul

      that's dedication mate, dedication. Good for you.

  • Blah

    This also means that the Hero of Time is the only Link to speak more than a single line or two in the games he is in.

    • heroofmasks

      all the links have always been abled to talk nintendo just doesnt give thema voice so that players can come up with there own voice for link thats why hes always able to say stuff like yes no am i late and stuff like that since ootl ink is not the hero of the tp story and is more of a teacher he is able to talk or we can see what they say also how else is he able to say his name to people who ask and a choice doesnt appear

      • Blah

        That isn't what I meant.

        The same can be said for all silent protagonists.

        What I meant was he is the only Link to say more than A few lines in text boxes/voice.

        Zelda II link said something, WindWaker Link said something… PH Link may have spoken but it was a bit unclear…

        But none have spoken more than a few words…

        It seems OOT link has his own confirmed personality now.

        • Noob

          When does WW link talk?

          • Steelyoshi

            when you call meldi or makar to come and follow you Link will say "Come on!"

          • Noob

            Thats not in a speech bubble though and what about PH link?

      • cresent soul

        he was saying that the hero's shade actually talked, therefore link technically spoke, just in ghost form

        • heroofmasks

          like i said all linkls had/have a personality thats true nintendo just doesnt show them talking or anything so people can come upn with a personality themselves they have always been able to do stuff like talk but if they did then ur not fully linked to the hero

    • Soeroah

      When did Link speak in other games?

      I get what you're saying, I just don't remember ever seeing another Link with a text box, and I'm curious.

      • heroofmasks

        sigh im saying all then links have always been able to talk you just dont see them imagine when someone ask link his name like in oot with princess zelda you didnt have a option to choose he told her himself but nintendo doesnt want him to talk in game while ur playing as him even in ss you saw him explaining to the headmaster what happend to zelda of course there was no text just him explaining and waving his arms but ur not playing as the hero shade the oot hero so you got to hear him talk the reason all the links are mute when u play him is so you can give him his own voice but that doesnt mean they could never talk

        • Soeroah

          That's got nothing to do with my question to Blah, though.

          We know Link talks 'offscreen', we know he has a voice, we know he responds to people's questions and we never see them.

          But Hero's Shade has become a Link who we DO see talk, who we CAN read exactly what he says, who DRIVES the conversation. That's what Blah meant.

          And what I asked is, has another Link ever replied with a readable, text-based, explicit reply, not an implicit reply that obviously happens.

    • moo

      Zelda 2 link speaks an entire sentence! And windwaker+phantom hourglass link also speak

      • Soeroah

        O.o Really? What does he say?

        • Zeke

          I'll tell you, but you'll be sorry you got excited… in Adventure of Link, you need to deliver a quest item before you can get each spell, right? One item is a lost mirror which is under a table. The game had no way to show Link picking it up, so you just "talk" to the table and get this dialog box: "I found a mirror under the table." Link's the only one there, so he must have said it.

          Pretty minor, huh? And I don't know what "moo" means about WW/PH Link; that one just makes the usual grunts and shouts.


  • I think it's so awesome that we finally know OoT Link was the one teaching us the Hidden Skills.

    • Gerudude

      Yes, even the skills he did'nt know himself back in OoT.
      Oh wait, he must have learned those after defeating Ganon.

      • cresent soul

        those are just gameplay mechanic stuff, I don't think the developers would resrict themselves on important stuff like that just to make a little timeline sense lol

    • Landon

      I'm picking up TP today, this will be good to know!

  • Anon

    …In retrospect it was REALLY obvious… I mean….

    The Shade is left-handed…. Refers to himself as a hero… appears as a wolf…. knows songs from Hero of Time games…. calls you his child.

    Yeah. Its a wonder people didn't just assume it was canon to begin with.

    • heroofmasks

      oot link may be shade but theres nothing to prove that tp is his soon tp takes place about alittle more than 100 years after oot my child could most be the whole teacher student thing

      • Anon

        Yes. I know.

        If anything he is most likely his grandfather or great-grandfather.

        • heroofmasks

          or they not related remember from ss it said that all heros are just the hero reborn so there most likely have nothing to do as family

  • Xosgni


  • Wheatley


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  • I WAS RIGHT! BOO-YA!!! *does happy dance*

    Does that mean that OoT Link hooked up with Malon then since TP Link is a rancher and OoT Link's descendant, meaning that OoT Link DIDN'T turn into a Stalfos in the Lost Woods? Hmm…all I know is I want that book in English, now!



      • heroofmasks

        ya both wrong if link got lost in the lost woods after mm he woulda turned into a skullkid since it says in the skullkids describtion that kids who get lost in the woods turn into them however adults do turn into stalfos i think hes just a form the goddessess gave him to teach tp hero

        • somecrazyguy

          link is hylian, so he would turn into a stalfos. its the kokiri that turn into skullkids.

  • Dan

    wait wait… soo TP link is OoT links son or maybe grandson? does that mean MM link returns to Hyrule, has a son with… Malon thus creating Ordon (since it's a Farm like town cause of the goats) confusing but i'm glad that Link doesn't just die in the Lost Woods, confusing but awesome!

    • heroofmasks

      there not related as father and son hello tp takes plays over 100 years after oot and if they was father and son they have nothing relating to each other exept the whole all the heros is the ss hero reborn

    • Sanity's_Theif

      Great grandson probably but not just his son

  • Jack

    I don't think the TP Link is the descendant of the Hero of Time, it seems more likely to me that the OOT Link got lost in the Lost Woods and became a Stalfo. For those who remember in OOT it is said that anyone who enters the forest without a fairy will become lost and become a Stalfo. OOT Link was last seen wandering through the Lost Woods still at the end of Majora's Mask so it's safe to assume that he never found his way out. The Hero's Shade in TP is a Stalfo so to me this makes the most sense. When the Hero's Shade refers to TP Link as "my son" he is probably referring to their shared link as the hero or the reincarnation of the hero.



      • Jack

        Didn't you read anything I just wrote? I didn't say he wasn't a stalfos, I didn't say he didn't get lost in the Lost Woods. I was explaining what happened step by step and explaining how it links to the Hero's Shade. What's your problem?

    • Anon

      Hyrule Historia uses the exact words "時の勇者の子孫リンク" (Hero of Time's descendant Link) to refer to Twilight Princess Link.

      • Jack

        If that's true then I can't argue with it.

      • hyRULES

        descendant could still refer to spiritual descendant and not blood related

    • Rick420

      You are forgetting that the hero's shade is an adult wearing knightly armor. There is no way kid link could fit in that 😛 It's most likely that he got to relive his lost childhood and teen years like OOT zelda wanted him to do at the ending and he probably started a family that many years later would inherit TP link

    • ChainofTermina

      they said that that Stalfos rule doesn't apply to Link because he's been in that forest since he was a baby and grew up there. i'm pretty sure that Stalfos thing is only for people who enter the forest after already growing up a little.

    • mosco

      If link had been lost in lost woods after majora´s mask, he would´ve been turned into a skull kid, not a stalfo for he was a child, not an adult.

  • True~

    Well, notice the obvious "son", like how some teachers refer to their pupils as Childeren. . I doubt Link and TP Link are sharing a blood line.

  • Gabriel

    That seems to put an end to the theory of OoT Link become the Skull Kid from TP (as they do have a lot of things in common). But leaves us with new doubts:

    1) Does OoT Link had a son and lived a normal life in Hyrule? So that Shade's is just his ghost searching redemption for never teaching his skills to the next generation…


    2) Did OoT Link became a Stalfo at the end of Majora's Mask?

    This is what confuses me the most.

    • heroofmasks

      just thinkj of this get navi to give a description of a skull kid it says kids who get lost in the woods turn to skull kids adults of course would get turned into stalfos so if he got lost after mm he woulda turned into a skullkid being as hes not a adult pluse im sure the goddesses wouldnt let him turn into anything

      • It's been a while since I last played TP, but if I remember correctly, The Hero's Shade says that his regret comes from NEVER returning to Hyrule when he was needed, so my theory is that he did become a Stalfos and was never seen again. In consequence, when Ganondorf was to be executed at Arbitrer's Grounds, Link couldn't be present there and do something for help, probably he didn't even know about that event until he died and his spirit was informed about the tragedy. Thus when he died, he felt regretful and his spirit couldn't ascend the heavens but instead became a wandering ghost, waiting for the occasion a new hero was needed, to teach that hero and calm his regrets, which is what happens when he encounters TP Link.

  • Linksoer

    It was obvious. I knew it the moment I played through TP.
    Oh and can we stop with the "OoT Link got lost in the lost woods and turned into a stalfos" that is just stupid.

    • Tri-Me

      Why is that stupid? In OOT it clearly states that anyone who enters the Lost Woods without a fairy becomes a Stalfo. The Hero of Time was last seen wandering through the Lost Woods at the end of Majora's Mask. The Hero's Shade is a Stalfo. So why is this stupid?

      • heroofmasks

        sigh its explained that kids turn into skullkids adults turn into stalfos link was a kid so he woulda turned into a skullkid

        • mrstab

          didn't the Great Deku Tree say that Link was a Hylian and not a Kokiri, though? i'm basing this on memory from when i was 11 so may be inaccurate lol

          • mrstab

            "It is said that non-Kokiri who enter the woods become Stalfos upon getting lost" i stand corrected.

          • heroofmasks

            it also says in the skullkid destription it says kids who get lost in the forest will ne turned into a skullkidn so link woulda turned into a skullkid

    • that guy

      i have to agree with Linksoer. think about it, he has lived in the woods all his life and never turned into a skullkid and tell me why would the goddesses let the hero turn into a stalfos?

      • Trolldad

        Link grew up in Kokiri Forest

      • heroofmasks

        he accually lived in kokiri forest not really th lost woods but i dont think he turned into a stalfos he he got lost he woulda turned into a skullkid since adults turn intostalfos but when u get navi to describe a skullkid it says this is what happends to kids who get lost in the forest but i still dont think he got turned

    • Craig

      I agree… If the Triforce of Courage stopped TP Link from being effected by the Twilight, by turning him into a wolf – I doubt it would allow him to waste away into a Stalfos like others. I also have a theory about Termina… I have a feeling the whole point of it is a place where lost spirits live before they move on. It's manifested into a world where they live that parallels Hyrule to put them at ease.

      • Masked-Diety

        Excellent theory! (Termina) Never thought of it that way. Now in that regard, we can see Link's death in the Lost Woods as sensible and in fact logical. Since it is a form of the afterlife it would also transcend time which would explain the Romani sisters if anything. But now I ask you this, as I see it as the only flaw: Why is the Hero's Shade the height of adult Link rather than child Link? The Triforce of Courage is a powerful item but I think Link already had a built in defense for the forest thing… (Check my comment below if you would like to know)

  • GuildedBlood

    This is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

  • Soran

    Hero's Spirit isn't a stalfos (he is a ghost ore something, he is't a skeleton like stalfos, just his face is a skull (or maybe it's a Mask)), so no he doesn't become a stalfos

    But I don't can say HH is canon, because the timeline… the timeline in HH doesn't fit to some sentence from the game (like that Zelda and linke doesn't know each other but in the HHtimeline they must met in alltp)

    • Craig

      Hyrule Historia is an official book from Nintendo… All information in the book is direct from the creators of the games. The timeline actually does make sense… Link and Zelda don't always know each other, that's the just the way it is – Nothing says they always have to know each other or that they should never know each other for it to make sense.

  • Becky

    Haha! I knew it. …and wow, he talks a lot, given everything he'd said in TP.

  • ChainofTermina


  • PeGe

    I'm disappointed. That's complete bullsh*t in my opinion. But whatever, the timeline is messed up beyond believe anyway now, so it doesn't exactly matter.

  • Guest

    Even though everyone already knew it and had been saying it forever, having it confirmed sort of depresses me. Not that it's not cool to know at last, but I hate it that Link not only lived a hard life but he didn't even die in peace, and in the one timeline where he at lest had a chance to live happily.

    Also, I guess he took talking lesson from Kaepora Gaebora 😛

  • Whilhorst

    All I know is once Hyrule historia comes out in Europe/US it will become my bible…

  • Zeldaelite

    Just as I speculated on my first run of TP.

  • palindr0me

    I want a game/manga/anime with the Hero of Time story after Majoras Mask! That would be so epic.

  • nelson17

    Omg brain fart can some please explain :'((

    • Trolldad

      At the end of OoT Navi leaves Link and he sets out to find her which starts MM,
      IIRC you turn into a Stalfo if you get lost in the lost woods without a fairy,
      Link was searching for Navi in the lost woods and then he probably got lost and turned into the Hero's Shade

  • Skyward_Hylian_819

    I knew it!!!! That is soo cool.

  • danistarr

    I KNEW IT! Thank you Hyrule Historia, please come in English asap so I can read all of the other mysteries you have to reveal to us.

  • Angelo Mota

    OMG can't hardly wait for this book to be officialy translated *.*

  • SilverStatic

    I dont care what you think from the moment he said "Farewell my son' i knew it!!

    • heroofmasks

      there not father and son if they where shade would of said hello my son its been awhile and dont say link prob never meet him becouse thats complete bull

  • jimmy

    now what about fierce deity who is he??

  • Sanity's_Theif

    I already knew this the first time I played the game, and some people on the internet called me insane <_< >_>

  • PuppetMaster9


    I expected it upon completing Skyward Sword, when Demise mentioned a curse. On the Hero's Shade's gravestone in the Hyrule Castle Graveyard, it mentions him as a "cursed hero." Considering Link and his incarnations were considered cursed by Demise, it was easy to assume that the Hero's Shade was the Hero of Time.

  • MrDudeyRock

    It's pretty cool that the OoT Link was teaching us, but it sucks that we couldn't preform those moves back in OoT

  • heroofmasks

    i never said he died it said that children who get lost in the lost woods turn into skullkids while adults turn into stalfos

  • heroofmasks

    what mrdudeyrock says is true is link turned into a stalfos after mm he wount have learned the moves he taught us and he woulda been turned into a skullkid since he was in his early teens maybe he was still a child if he got lost he woulda turned into the skullkid naa i think he went back to hyrule trained and maybe hope for a new hero to aris so he could teach him the moves

    but also if ur look at ss tunic and oot tunic then tp tunic the tunic inn ss and tp are more alike do to the fact of the chain mail so the hero could end up being a hero after ss but before oot but not mc link since it still makes no scence how that game comes between ss and oot

  • Craig

    So on returning to the past with his memories intact, he felt guilty about leaving the future to live out his own childhood – he still felt like he might be needed, yet he returned for what he felt was "selfish" reasons, for himself. So the Link in Twilight Princess is his son? He's being taught by his dad after death? It seems to me like every Link ends up losing his parents 🙁 Sounds sad.

    • heroofmasks

      acccually ttp takes place in the child timeline and tp takes place the same time as ww aboiut 1k years so thats impossible but he did prob felt like he could be needed

  • Jelly

    OH PLEASE!! This is being released in the U.S., right?! I need this book now! Think of all the wonderful secrets it contains, haha! 8D

  • Acostar62

    is MM link and TP link the same link ?

  • Passing-by

    Now I have bit revised the translation as below:

    When Link first set foot in the Twilight, the Triforce of Courage was shined on the back
    of his hand and he turned to a beast-form.
    When he returned to a human-form, he found himself wearing the clothes the hero wore.
    Link was taught secret skills from the ghost of the hero of time, an ancestor of him.
    Since he (the ghost) returned to his childhood, he'd felt regret that he could not leave
    his name as a hero.
    Therefore, he talked to Link "My son" and handed him down a proof of the courage and
    the secret skills.  

  • MiladyMidori

    There were some pretty strong hints in the game that Hero's Shade was OoT Link, but its awesome to see it confirmed. Every time he spoke to you, you got to see a little of Link's personality. (He seemed serious to me, but I guess under the circumstances his attitude would be justified. For all I know, he's a complete dork when he's not concerned with the fate of Hyrule/the world.)

    Oh Nintendo, please release this in the US so that we may learn more. <3

  • mrstab

    tbh, i know this was partially retconned, but i like it. it's not toooooo forced, if you think about it.

    despite Shigsy (i think) saying explicitly that story came after gameplay in terms of priority, some "facts" that we now accept about the timeline were actually revealed soon before or after several of the games were released. In interviews, it was revealed that Ocarina of Time was always intended to pre-date the other games; Wind Waker was set 100 years after OoT, Twilight Princess had this fairly-obvious connection, Link's Awakening was connected to the Oracle games (as mentioned above somewhere)… then the direct sequels. (still playing Skyward Sword so can't comment on that).

    here's what i think: they didn't necessarily mean to tie them all together from day one, but they wrote the plots of each game in such a way that there would be a bit of leeway to tie them all together. my guess is that they consciously started doing this with Wind Waker, as they wouldn'tve had the foresight for that in the early days.

    • mrstab

      (in regards to the timeline change. wrong thread. gah.) lol

  • Yesss ! So, my Zelda Past And Present story is right 😀

  • isha

    i wish there's a hundred percent translated hyrule hystoria!!!

  • Zachattack8888

    Awesome!! I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of this book!! 😀

  • Serious question here guys, because there seems to be divided opinion… Where exactly does it say that the Hero's Shade is a Stalfos…? I'm looking at pictures and apart from a skeletal face (which is ok since he's quite dead) his limbs appear to be smoky flesh, not bone. If he was transformed did he retain his mind? If so, why? If it was the Triforce, why didn't that protect him fully…?

  • mehe

    When he left Hyrule for Majoras Mask his triforce was split into three. And it's not like he couldn't accomplish great and dangerous feats without it I mean he never had it as a child did a lot of crazy stuff. So I HIGHLY doubt that the Hero of Friggen Time would meet his demise simply by getting lost in the woods. That would be such a crappy ending to such a beloved character. I'll also say I would've liked to see better physical representation as well as a better verbal one to of Heros Shade I just didn't feel it T_T
    Also whats the story behind the missing eye?

  • mehe

    Sorry meant split into 8 or whatever the number is.

  • heroofmasks

    i say that shade is the hero of time but hes not astalfos hes like a smart version on those dead spirits you seein hyrule castls in wolf form that walways point at a hint i think hes them but hes accually has a mind due to the godesses doing so he csn teach the next hero the moves he learned

  • heroofmasks

    i say that shade is the hero of time but hes not astalfos hes like a smart version on those dead spirits you seein hyrule castls in wolf form that walways point at a hint i think hes them but hes accually has a mind due to the godesses doing so he csn teach the next hero the moves he learned

  • Typhoon

    Too bad there is no Hero of Time in the child timeline.

    • There is.

      In OoT's ending, adult Link (the one who defeated Ganon) was rejuvenated and sent back in time. Which means that MM Link, and the Hero's Shade, are Adult Link (i.e. the Hero of Time) rejuvenated, not Child Link before opening the Door of Time.

      This can be proven carefully watching OoT's ending: when Link and Zelda meet, Link still has the Courage of Courage on his hand, proving that everything from the adult timeline (as of that point, of course) has happened, and that Link retained his power and memories from his battle against Ganon.

      That's why, while not holding anymore the 'Hero of Time' title, such Hero is still present in the child timeline. But since here the only thing he had to do was to warn everybody about the future (instead of actually slaying Ganon like he originally did in his own time), he felt he did not really take part in the action and thus, he felt he was not a hero anymore. So he felt regret for the rest of his life and, when he finally died, became a wandering ghost (because, you know, ghosts are dead people with unfinished business). When he met and trained TP Link, The Shade could pass on his abilities to be used against Ganon, thus indirectly taking part in the final battle this time, finishing his business and calming his own mind, finally resting in peace.

      • Now that I think about it, this might be the cause to why subsequent games let (ALttP, TWW) kids hold the Master Sword despite OoT stablishing that you have to be a grown up to do so: Since OoT's main conflict was the cosnequence of young Link NOT being able to hold the Master Sword (thus putting him to sleep inside the Sacred Realm, leaving the entrance open which allowed Ganon to enter there and touch the Triforce), the Goddesses decided, after these events, that fom then on, ANYBODY despite their age, could be able to use the Master Sword if they had apure heart.

        This way, if Ganon (or any evil source thereof) rises again, the Chosen Hero would be able to save Hyrule without having to wait for several years or branching the Universe into new timelines.

  • SoundlessPaniK

    How long can Link live? He isn’t a human, correct? So 100 years might not be that big of a deal for OoT Link, right? Oh and…


  • Mast3rSh0rtpants

    This is Pretty much the "Zelda Bible" :3

  • snadvertising

    hmm maybe the ghost link is the hero that died by the hands of ganon?

    • Nope. TP takes place in a different timeline that the one in which the Hero died in the hands of Ganon. Such timeline leads into AttP, not TP. So the Hero's Shade still defeated Ganon and sealed hm into the Sacred Realm.

  • Papayaman

    The whole "Link turns into a Stalfos right after Majora's Mask" doesn't make sense. If so, how the hell did he invent the Hidden Skills if he died right after that game? Where the hell did he get that armor? Also he looks more like a Zombie, similiar to the other ghosts that appear in Twilight Princess. The Hero's Shade is a ghost and not a Stalfos. It is possible that he had a more tragic ending but it is fair to assume that he at least lived long enough to invent the Hidden Skills and probably leaving an offspring.

    • Papayaman

      And even if he didn't invent them, he at least had to aquire them before dying.

  • Jared

    WTF? "Therefore, the “son” of Link speaks proof of the courage he inheirited mysteriously." is link in TP a link jr? or am i understanding wrong?

    • As the text celarly explains it, The Shade just ADRESSES Link as his son. That is, he just calls it like that, It's not meant to be taken literally, but metaphorically -the Shade sees Link as his successor, and as a younger one too, hence, the "son", just like many grown ups call kids "son" or "sonny" as a sign of respect or familiarity to the more youthful ones.

  • Andrew

    That's a real stupid assumption. Did or did they not just clear that it is Link from OOT? If Link was going to turn in to a Stalfos then why didn't he do when I first entered The Lost Woods in OoT? Exactly! So what happens to Epona? The Ocarina? Where is Navi? That's what I wanna know.

  • Tinglerulz

    Wait a minute. This means that LINK SPEAKS! He's not mute!

  • B92

    I don't think he turned into a stalfos, well I hope not because that'd be sad. Was Link from OOT that tall too?

  • Masked-Diety

    I am about to offer a theory that many of you might think is BS but let's all just speculate shall we? Let's ASSUME people that another possibility is that the green Kokiri tunic Link wears affords him the abilities of the kokiri. (In other words: He is unaffected by the curse of the Lost Woods and can easily find his way out. Remember now: TP Link went in there and came out and what does he wear? OOT Link's tunic!) Why can I say this? Didn't any of you find it STRANGE that the base tunic had no special power? Sure nothing was said and all it said was that it was your starting tunic but let's for argument's sake say it had that power but it was never mentioned since perhaps no one had thought to argue it at the time. It would surely make since the Goron tunic deals with a fire environment and the Zora tunic deals with water. Therefore, Kokiri should deal with forest. What I'm getting at is this: If the kokiri tunic really had such a power, Link could have easily gone in and out of that forest. On top of that, he could have returned to Hyrule. Let's also think about this: the Hero's Shade's armor. Yes, nothing tells us he was wearing the Kokiri tunic at the time of his death and to boot he's a stalfos! Holy Crap! Yeah, that is pretty weird. I believe that was done for Link to take a form in the spiritual world. If he REALLY didn't have problems appearing otherwise, he would have just met Link in human form to begin with and TP Link probably would have found the Ocarina of Time, possibly. Link is not the magic specialist, he is the fighter. ZELDA's the so-called magician between the two of them, Ganondorf if we speak of all three. That may have been all he could manage. It could have also been a projection of a lurking fear within TP Link; a form to test the courage of the new hero. Can he stare down a subconscious fear and grow from it? Kind of thing. On the topic of his armor. If he came back to Hyrule, do you think he woulda just twiddled his thumbs? Of course not! He said he REGRETTED leaving his name as just the hero. He probably just returned and joined the knights of hyrule. While I think saying that he and Malon started Ordon would be a tad over-ambitious, I would definitely say Malon would be a far more viable candidate for his child than Zelda. In Skyward Sword, there was a definite chemistry. In OOT it was more Link's innate sense of chivalry and perhaps even the curse Demise placed on his predecessors that led him to be so strong about saving her. With this in mind, we have an idea of where he got the armor. Even his sword could have been just an upgrade of the glided sword or even a new one issued to him as a knight. The shield? An old and worn mirror shield.

    There you have it folks. That is my guess. Remember now. It's a GUESS. Don't go and freak out if you have a different opinion.

  • Nintendo lover

    the thing is strange in OoT is when Zelda met you at the first time and you said your name…She said "Link…….strange…it sounds somehow…familiar.".


    i mean im not a hater or anything its just i hate the idea of oot link becoming a stalfos randomly just like that i mean he was living in the forest all his life and he never got lost before
    and tbh its kinda sad and a "terrible fate" but i still cant believe he's link
    even if nintendo confirmed it their trying so hard to connect the games together i mean why would link dress weird and all
    i mean it would be better if he was oot link's dad who died and was a knight and knights in hyrule kinda dress the same way as the hero's shade and he also knew the song of healing im thinking he has something to do with the mask salesmen since he quickly recognize link's potential– but that was my theory before they confirmed it :/

  • Pianoasis

    Who says it's not Skyward Sword Link? I mean, he was a hero of time.

  • brian torres

    I agree with the post but the are pin points to this even if it has a time line couldent he have lived his whole life trying to find Navi or … Did he make it back to Hyrule and Hooked up With Malon Because Ive spent Hours!!! and i couldent find the answer ….These are one of the most biggest mysterys in the Zelda series!!!!!

  • Zorua

    It's pretty obvious that OOT Link did returned to Hyrule.

  • Totaldeath

    We do not know what happend to OoT link. He COULD have turned into a stalfos. He COULD have returned to hyrule. He COULD have followed a purple grasshopper for the rest of his life. We only know that he regreted not being the hero anymore. The stalfosy look might just be the form in which his spirit appered to TP Link. The armor and equiptment did not need to be what he wore when he lived. It could be that nintendo just wanted to picture the spirit that way and the is not connection at all.
    As far as Tp link being OoT link's son, it is possible if incedably unlikely. TP link would more likely be a distant desendant or simply a metaporical son.

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  • Malarkey

    I always assumed the Skull Kid from TP was the same Skull Kid from MM, and the same one who was taught Saria’s Song in OoT (since it was heavily implied that the MM Skull Kid and the Skull Kid you played Saria’s Song are one in the same). Considering TP’s Skull Kid plays Saria’s Song, it always made sense for me to assume it was the MM/OoT Skull Kid.

    Though that begs the question…just how long do Skull Kids live? I guess it would make sense for them to be immortal, but it seems weird to think about.