As of 4pm today (that’s 4pm on December 29, US Eastern Standard Time) the Zeldathon team will embark on their sixth major gaming marathon and this one promises to be their most epic. Over the next seven days, the team will play every single Zelda game ever made. They’ll even be adding extra challenges to some of them, such as doing a 3-heart challenge with The Minish Cap, collecting all the masks in Majora’s Mask, and doing an Ocarina of Time race, which intrigues me as I’m not entirely sure what that involves (maybe two players racing to see who can beat the game first?). They’ll be streaming the marathon live, and not only will you be able to watch the gameplay, if this marathon is anything like their past ones there’ll be plenty of crazy shenanigans and stunts to watch as well. You’ll also be able to chat with the Zeldathon team as well as other fans watching the stream.

As fun as it all sounds, the team aren’t doing it just for fun. They’re holding the  marathon in order to raise money for Child’s Play, a charity which donates toys and games for sick children in hospitals around the world. Zeldathon aims to make this their biggest marathon yet and raise as much money as they can for the charity. They’ll be holding prize giveaways as well, which those who donate will be eligible for.

In order to support this wonderful cause and have a lot of fun doing so, head on over to the Zeldathon website where you can watch the marathon stream live, donate, and read more information about the team and its goals.

You can also view a short promotional video showing you what to expect after the jump.