We posted earlier about the Hyrule Historia book that was just released; it contained lots of Zelda secrets, like the famous timeline.  But did you know that this book also explained some of the names of  Zelda characters?

From the translations so far, we’re able to confirm the origins of the names of three characters: Zelda, Link, and Impa.

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Impa’s name comes from the word impart, because she imparts the Legend of Zelda in many games in the series, starting from the very first The Legend of Zelda.

Link’s name comes from the fact that he is the Link between you and the game. And also that he is a character that links energy throughout the world of Hyrule, and he also transcends time.

Zelda’s name came about a little differently.  Miyamoto knew from the start that he wanted the games to be a “the legend of” something, and he knew he wanted the character always to be portrayed beautifully.  After hearing those two requirements, the name Zelda was suggested because a famous writer’s wife, who happened to be known for her great beauty (Zelda Fitzgerald), had that name.  Miyamoto took a liking to it, and used it as a character, and the title of an entire franchise of games.

The Hyrule Historia book is obviously full of information. Do you think we might hear more on the origins of characters’ names?  Do you think we’ll find more timeline info?  Tell us in the comments!

Source: Nintendo World Report