We posted earlier about the Hyrule Historia book that was just released; it contained lots of Zelda secrets, like the famous timeline.  But did you know that this book also explained some of the names of  Zelda characters?

From the translations so far, we’re able to confirm the origins of the names of three characters: Zelda, Link, and Impa.

Hit the jump to learn about these fascinating name origins!

Impa’s name comes from the word impart, because she imparts the Legend of Zelda in many games in the series, starting from the very first The Legend of Zelda.

Link’s name comes from the fact that he is the Link between you and the game. And also that he is a character that links energy throughout the world of Hyrule, and he also transcends time.

Zelda’s name came about a little differently.  Miyamoto knew from the start that he wanted the games to be a “the legend of” something, and he knew he wanted the character always to be portrayed beautifully.  After hearing those two requirements, the name Zelda was suggested because a famous writer’s wife, who happened to be known for her great beauty (Zelda Fitzgerald), had that name.  Miyamoto took a liking to it, and used it as a character, and the title of an entire franchise of games.

The Hyrule Historia book is obviously full of information. Do you think we might hear more on the origins of characters’ names?  Do you think we’ll find more timeline info?  Tell us in the comments!

Source: Nintendo World Report
  • So Zelda Williams IS technically named after Fitzgerald 😛

    • Rynolstamp

      If you were named after your grandpa, and your grandpa was named after something else, would you be named after the something else? No, your grandpa. So shush.

  • Manny21

    When is it coming the US? So i can purchase the book

  • minirop

    you can also say that "link" means "left" in german, so that's probably why link is left handed ^^

    • CelestialLynx

      Perhaps, but it's probably more likely because Miyamoto himself is left handed.

    • Anthony

      Nope, 'left' in German is 'links', not 'link'.

      • RomaniRancher

        But there are a lot of "links" in the series, not only one. So shush.

    • kaialone

      Though I doubt that thats where its from. Little known fact : the word "link" (Without "s") is actually german for "mean" or "deceitful"

    • The darkness lord

      that you coudl aswell translate it to dutch where link means dangerous and he is that because he kills all the enemies he encounters: so his name is a warning for his enemies

  • falconfetus8

    I already knew these things, except for Impa's name.

    • cruzazulini

      yeah, me too

      • Ashmic

        same lol

        • twdefrghgcg

          impa's a GIRL?!

  • Onilink

    The origins for zeldas and links names have been revealed before this publication. Can't wait for the US release of the book. Too bad the book wasn't referencing the Mudora name.

  • HylianPwnage

    Now tell us something we don't ALREADY KNOW.

  • Teacow


    We already knew the last two. The Impa one is interesting though, if a bit… lame.

  • ziggy

    I'm naming my son Link. And that's final. No questions asked.

    • AwesomelyEpicMan

      You and I have the same idea. Props to you, good bro. 😀

  • cj!

    same as ziggy. deffinetly nameing him Link. decided that like 5 years ago. and when I told my girlfriend that, she said I could on one condition. and that is that if it's a girl, I let her name it Zelda. don't I just have the greatest girl friend a Zelda fan can ask for?

    • mcdude910

      Honestly, though I'm the far bigger Zelda fan of the relationship, my girlfriend wants her daughter to be named Zelda, but I said that "when I hear my daughter's name, I want to think of my daughter, not a character in a video game."

      • If you named her Zelda, you'd begin to think of that name as her own, not just a video game character's. They'd become separate. Kids do that to you. ^_^

        • mcdude910

          But then if I heard the name Zelda, I wouldn't think of my favourite video game and it would be sad. 😛

  • ChainofTermina

    you know, for some reason I seem to remember hearing some where that 'link' is also the Japanese word for "left", and that's why Link is-…….{huff} I mean WAS- left handed. but now, thinking back, that doesn't make any sense. I mean, IS that the Japanese word for Left?

    • Merq

      Nope, Japanese for left is hidari. But link is left in German.
      Though, I've heard that Link was left-handed because Miyamoto is too.

    • RomaniRancher

      You don't know a shit about Japanese. They can't write Link, only Rinku. How the hell will it be a Japanese word?

      • Derp

        Plz go.

      • ChainofTermina

        you are a racist and I never said that it was the Japanese word for left, only that I heard that some where and I was ASKING if it was true. I didn't say it was true.

  • Next thing you know Vaati's name will be explained as being based off the word baddie with a few alterations.

    • SilverArcher

      Vaati's japanese name is “Gufuu´´ (or something like that) so the explanation wouldn't be for Vaati (stupid translators)

  • David

    The name "Tetra" comes from the tetrahedron, a triangular 3D shape which, when broken down, looks like a triforce. So Tetra's name is a clue that she is Zelda in disguise. Just thought I'd throw that out there while we're on the subject ^^)

  • Baker1000

    Well how about that. I was thinking along the lines of the Legend of Zelda being taken from the events of the story in Skyward Sword. Since it's the earliest point of the legend we know of.

    • Jay

      Mate, these are the origins of the names in THE REAL WORLD, not the fictional universe *facepalm*

  • I love how Link's name is based on the connection between the player and himself. It's very fitting in that aspect.

    • mr cuntiblast

      it's too bad the "link to the player" thing doesn't work

  • Annonymous

    This was explained long ago

  • LOL “a famous writer” like we don’t know who F Scott is.

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      …Sorry, but who is F. Scott? D:

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  • Raven497

    How Was Ghirahim Named?

  • Mrgaful

    i knew all that! Im such a freak xD

  • dityg

    Zelda Fitzgerald was a famous writer on her own, not just “a famous writer’s wife”. And then you don’t even name the writer (though most people would know FS Fitzgerald, I guess). Weirdness.. Well, anyway. I hope there’s information on the origin of the races’ names too. Also, would be nice to have Watsonian explanations/origins as well. Just for fun.