Do you enjoy having fun?  If you’re one of the 90% of the people who frequent ZU that said “yes,” then this is for you!  Over on YouTube, The Game Station has released an interactive video based off of the hit 1970s detective show, Charlie’s Angels, dubbed “Miyamoto’s Angels.”  Samus, Peach, and, of course, Princess Zelda are given a mission by Mr. Miyamoto himself to stop the illegal mushroom trade that is running rampant in the streets.  At the end of the introductory video, you are given a choice that will lead you to a second video, showing you the outcome of that choice.  Beware, though:  only one of the choices has a good outcome, but it’s fun to try them all, anyway.  There’re a lot of great references to our favorite Nintendo games, too.  Hit the jump to see the introductory video for yourself, and begin your journey with “Miyamoto’s Angels.”

Source:  YouTube.