Something must be in the water inspiring gamers to play Zelda for charity lately. Not only do we have Team Brocket starting a Zelda gaming marathon this coming Thursday, this weekend the Bro-Cast are holding a Zelda gaming event in order to raise money for the Children’s Wish Foundation. Even as I type this, the guys are working on their mission to complete Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess in 48 hours.

It’s always great to see Zelda fans getting behind a good cause. You can watch the stream live, donate and find out more over at The Bro-Cast website.

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  • KingDodongo1

    I said it before and I'll say it again:

    Zelda fans rule

  • blj

    I'd love to do this 😀
    Playing Zelda for charity is the best thing ever !

  • schleifenbaumj

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Zeldathon first?

    Maybe you should accept, that there is already the zeldathon team that raises money for good puposes with Zelda and play another game … I mean, if you can always see a zelda stream, the whole thing loses it's special factor and becomes so usual, that you don't feel like you have to donate …

    well, nevertheless raising money for charity is good, so don't think I want to make anyone down that does such a thing, I'm just pointing ouit my thoughts

    • This is MC Gamer of the Zeldathon Team, owner in fact.

      Zeldathon was not the first, and we definitely won't be the last. The Speed Gamers had did marathons before us for charity, and they were not the first to stream Zelda playthroughs on the internet either.

      ANYBODY who Zelda streams is an amazing part of the Zelda community, and throwing in charity efforts is always good as well. Whether they are well known or not, money is always raised for good causes.

      Also, I do recognize your name from the site, Narvik, isn't it? But basically, we are not the first, and not the last, and in my opinion, any Zelda stream is amazing, whether raising for charity or not. <3

      Rock on Bro-Cast! I will be stopping by!

  • Callan

    i was i could of done this 🙂


    Very nice to be supporting a good cause!

  • Ashmic

    i would love to play zelda for charity, omg

  • "It’s always great to see Zelda fans getting behind a good cause."


  • Aethelbert

    Official Boxart is OUT!!!!

    • For Skyward Sword. I know, saw it elsewhere and submitted it in the news. Hopefully it'll be onsite soon.


    • Alessandra

      I just saw that! It looks beautiful! 🙂 But you can only get this bundle if you have the preorder of the game which will be $69.99, it includes the game of course lol, the music CD and the WiiMote.